DMPTool integrates with eLabNext’s digital lab platform, driving more accessible proposal review and compliance with NIH’s data management policies

eLabNext has incorporated DMPTool, a free online platform for creating data management plans (DMPs), into…

3 min read 30 May 2023

Highlights from the Glendale Office Opening Event: Insights and Networking with AI and Biotech Experts

We are happy to share a recap of the panel discussion that took place during our new office opening in Glendale, CA, last month.

3 min read 13 Apr 2023

Building a Vibrant Biotech Startup Home in Central Massachusetts

When you ask biotech professionals where the top biotech hubs in the U.S. are, Boston…

4 min read 27 Mar 2023

eLabNext Opens New Office in Glendale, CA, Adding to LA’s Growing Biotech Scene

Los Angeles, California – The digital transformation of the life sciences industry continues apace, with…

3 min read 03 Mar 2023

Implen NanoPhotometer: Now integrated with eLabNext

The NanoPhotometer family are microvolume spectrophotometers designed to measure single or multiple liquid samples of…

2 min read 27 Feb 2023

Introducing Elementa: The voice assistant designed for scientists

Elementa is your voice assistant in the lab, specifically designed for scientists by scientists.

3 min read 20 Feb 2023

Happy 2023!

2022 was a great year for eLabNext. Here are some highlights from the last year and some updates for 2023

2 min read 10 Jan 2023

The New Enhanced LaB Execution add-on improves protocol execution and enables simplified documentation

eLabNext digital lab platform users may now benefit from the Enhanced LaB Execution add-on which is now available and free to install from the eLab Marketplace.

1 min read 07 Nov 2022

eLabNext & Clustermarket’s dynamic partnership improves workflows for R&D labs

eLabNext digital lab platforms may now connect with Clustermarket’s lab equipment management system. With this partnership, users can further optimize their laboratory workflows.

1 min read 19 Oct 2022

Pipsqueak Pro Now Integrated with eLabNext Digital Lab Platform

Pipsqueak Pro add-on integrates the platform to eLabJournal to accelerate image analysis capabilities, improve detection and eliminate human error through automated machine learning.

1 min read 26 Sep 2022

eLabNext joins the TetraScience Partner Network

eLabNext is proud to announce that we are now part of the TetraScience Partner Network -the largest ecosystem of partners dedicated to unlocking the power of R&D data for pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical customers.

1 min read 12 May 2022

Become a beta tester for the new CloneAssist add-on

Become a beta tester for CloneAssist. CloneAssist is designed to assist molecular biologists in expanding their workflow capabilities with sequence analyses, annotation, tracking, and reporting.

2 min read 11 May 2022

Print labels in bulk with updated FLUICS PRINT add-on

The FLUICS PRINT Package for eLabNext provides everything you need to print labels directly from your eLabNext account. Users may now print labels in bulk for a more efficient sample-labelling process

1 min read 10 May 2022

Become a beta tester for the new ChemAssist add-on

ChemAssist offers a wide range of features to support chemistry labs and researchers in expanding digital lab capabilities.

1 min read 02 May 2022

New intelligent integration–Eppendorf VisioNize® sense

eLabNext & Eppendorf announce their second integration: VisioNize® sense. The VisioNize® sense add-on integrates Eppendorf’s VisioNize® Lab Suite (VNLS) with eLabNext’s eLabInventory

3 min read 25 Apr 2022

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