ELBE new items

The New Enhanced LaB Execution add-on improves protocol execution and enables simplified documentation

Brought to you by Eppendorf and eLabNext eLabNext digital lab platform users may now benefit

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Clustermarket’s Equipment Scheduler

eLabNext & Clustermarket’s dynamic partnership improves workflows for R&D labs

eLabNext digital lab platforms may now connect with Clustermarket’s lab equipment management system. With this

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Pipsqueak Pro news item

Pipsqueak Pro Now Integrated with eLabNext Digital Lab Platform

eLabNext and biotech start-up, Rewire Neuro, Inc., announce their new platform integration Pipsqueak Pro. The

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Tetra Science

eLabNext joins the TetraScience Partner Network

eLabNext is proud to announce that we are now part of the TetraScience Partner Network

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Become a beta tester for the new CloneAssist add-on

Help us improve your user experience! Become a CloneAssist beta tester for eLabNext.  CloneAssist is

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The Netherlands USA

Print labels in bulk with updated FLUICS PRINT add-on

The FLUICS PRINT Package for eLabNext provides everything you need to print labels directly from

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Become a beta tester for the new ChemAssist add-on

***PLEASE NOTE: Only available for dedicated installations.*** Help us improve your user experience! Become a

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Eppendorf VisioNize sense add-on

New intelligent integration–Eppendorf VisioNize® sense

Presenting the New VisioNize Sense Integration—An eLabNext and Eppendorf collaboration eLabNext & Eppendorf announce their

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Eppendorf protocols

Eppendorf integrates its ready-to-use protocols into eLabNext

eLabNext’s newest update integrates Eppendorf Short Protocols seamlessly into the eLab platform. Eppendorf short protocols

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modicus prime add-on

New AI image processing tool in collaboration with Modicus Prime

Download Modicus Prime Press Release document eLabNext brings self-service AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology to the

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New AI-powered add-on for T-cell therapy candidate detection—in collaboration with ImmunoMind

Download ImmunoMind Press Release document eLabNext launches a new AI (Artificial Intelligence) powered add-on developed

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The Netherlands

Elemental Machines Now Available in Europe

eLabJournal and eLabInventory users in Europe may now install and utilize the Elemental Machines sensors.

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MS Office Online Server Add-On Extended: Word and PowerPoint Now Available

eLabNext launches extension of Microsoft Office Online Server (OOS) integration in eLab Marketplace for use

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(New) Export Format Options

Exporting data from your ELN is an important function for a variety of reasons. With

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eLabNext Announces Compatibility with Elemental Machines

[Available only in the USA] eLabNext lab automation products now work together seamlessly with the

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Launch of Version 2 of eLabNext Products Improves Customer-focused Digital Lab Experience

eLabNext is launching version 2 of eLabJournal (all-in-one ELN) and eLabInventory (sample management). This update

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Press Release – eLabNext rebranding

eLabNext – The Next Big Step in Life Science Lab Automation Ten years ago, two

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elab marketplace

eLab Marketplace Extends eLabJournal With Free Add-Ons

We would like to introduce the launch of eLab Marketplace – a digital catalogue that makes it

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