2023 Q3 New Feature Highlights

1 min read 13 Sep 2023

We’ve recently added several new features to our digital lab platform that you’ll love. We’ve put in a lot of effort to bring these features to the table, and we’re confident that they’ll enhance your experience with eLabNext. Have a look below!

Please note: The following feature updates are currently available to all users. 

[eLabJournal] Sign and Witness Sign Protocols

The platform now allows you to sign and witness sign protocols with ease. The author can initiate the signing process and even assign a witness signer. To ensure compliance, it is crucial to turn on the compliance settings through the group policies. Doing so will make it easier for you to manage your protocols and streamline your lab work.

[eLabJournal + eLabInventory] Inventory V2 Improvements

We have implemented significant improvements in the new inventory v2 system, which will enhance the usability of the system. In particular, we have made importing samples and series distribution much easier. These changes will streamline your workflow and help you manage inventory more efficiently.

[Add-on] Sample Export Column Selector

Are you tired of being restricted by the default options when exporting samples for your research? With the new sample export column selector add-on, you can create a customized selection of sample columns that provides complete control over your data export.

If you have any questions, please contact customer support at

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2023 Q3 New Feature Highlights

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