For the planet: eLabNext joins forces with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) for nature

3 min read 16 Apr 2024

eLabNext is proud to announce it is now a Business Supporter of the World Wildlife Fund Netherlands (WWF-NL). This supporting collaboration has facilitated the protection of an area of the Atlantic Rainforest equivalent to eight football fields from deforestation over the past year. This contribution underscores eLabNext’s commitment to sustainability and the tangible results of its collaboration with the WWF. For every new team member who joined the company last year, eLabNext donated €2,500 to the WWF. 

In the world of scientific research, the shift towards more sustainable operations is crucial. eLabNext is at the forefront of this transformation, dedicated to modernising life science R&D labs by transitioning from traditional pen and paper to a digital research environment. Our aim is to foster an eco-friendlier approach to scientific work, leveraging our DLP to enhance efficiency and reduce environmental impact. “This partnership is a big part of how we’re trying to apply our green values and motivating the broader scientific community to join in on making an impact,” says Bastiaan Spijk, Head of Business Operations & People at eLabNext.  

At the heart of eLabNext’s sustainability ethos are its digital solutions designed to minimise environmental impact. By championing digital sample management and reducing waste, eLabNext helps labs transition towards more sustainable operations. These initiatives are part of a broader strategy to promote eco-friendly practices, including optimising resource use and enhancing energy efficiency, thereby contributing to a greener planet. For instance, the eLabNext Digital Lab Platform enable researchers to manage their samples more efficiently, reducing the need for physical storage. This not only supports environmental goals but also improves lab productivity and data reliability, showcasing how sustainable practices can enhance scientific outcomes. 

In many places, the Atlantic Rainforest shows what happens when you deforest: animals unique to the area are on the brink of extinction, the climate is becoming drier and hotter, and water shortages are starting to develop. But it is not too late! Together with the indigenous and local peoples, we will restore and protect the forest and ensure that a bright future dawns again for people as well as animals.

Merijn van Leeuwen, Coordinator Amazon & Atlantic Forest WWF Netherlands 

Doubling down on deforestation 

eLabNext has broadened its dedication to environmental sustainability by partnering with Trees For All and One Tree Planted, in addition to our original collaboration with WWF. To involve the scientific community in efforts to combat deforestation, we have introduced a referral program. This initiative invites individuals from the life sciences community and beyond to recommend new potential customers to eLabNext. As a token of our appreciation, we offer both a monetary incentive along with an equal donation to our environmental charity partners in the name of the referrer. Additionally, participants receive a certificate to acknowledge their contribution and dedication to environmental preservation. 

“Our referral program is more than just a way to grow our business; it’s a testament to our dedication to sustainability and helping labs go paperless,” says Hovik Torkomyan, Head of Global Marketing at eLabNext. “By offering our clients and the wider life science community the opportunity to support reforestation efforts directly, we’re not just rewarding them; we’re also making a tangible impact on the environment. When a referrer chooses to support Trees For All or One Tree Planted through our program, doubling the donation in their name, it’s a powerful statement of shared values and collective action towards a greener future. 

About World Wildlife Fund NL  

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) started as a protector of animals like the panda. Our challenge is now much greater. Nature loss and climate change affect all life on earth today. That is why WWF is on a mission: We will make our world ‘Nature Positive’. 

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For the planet: eLabNext joins forces with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) for nature

eLabNext is proud to announce its Business Supportership with the World Wildlife Fund through WWF-NL.

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