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Our website uses functional, analytics, and marketing cookies to personalise and streamline your website visit. Cookies enable us to serve secure pages while simplifying the user experience. We use customer data (gathered through cookies) to analyse how customers use our website in order to make further improvements.

It is possible to change your marketing cookies settings at any time by accepting or disabling these cookies in your browser or at the bottom of this page. Please note that marketing cookies are important for us to be able to analyse and optimise our marketing efforts. It is not possible to disable functional or analytics cookies as this would disrupt the functionality of the website.

Functional cookies

Session cookies

Session cookies store information (i.e. your login details) so that you do not have to repeat actions when the page is reloaded. If a user’s system is idle for a defined time, the cookie will expire, forcing the user to sign in again to continue their session. This prevents unauthorized access to the user’s information while they may be away from their computer.


YouTube cookies enable us to play videos from our YouTube channel on our website.

Zoho Sales IQ

Zoho Social IQ cookies allow us to interact with our visitors through the live chat function. This cookie tracks website visitors.

Analytics cookies

Google Analytics

Google Analytics cookies enables us to obtain insight from our website visitors which we use to improve our website performance along with marketing efforts.

LinkedIn Insight Tag

LinkedIn Insight Tag helps us track website visits that come from our LinkedIn ads.

Marketing cookies

Advertising and remarketing

Advertising and remarketing cookies allow us to fully understand our customer base so as to be able to deliver the most accurate offers and recommendations. These cookies provide us with customer data that we use for delivering information on our marketing channels.

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