eLab Marketplace Add-ons

Extend the functionality of your digital lab with add-ons from eLab Marketplace.
Installation is done directly from the Marketplace section of your eLabNext account.

ELBE add-on

Enhanced LaB Execution – BETA

Protocol execution and documentation, simplified, with Enhanced LaB Execution ***PLEASE NOTE: Only available for cloud users.*** The Enhanced LaB Execution add-on by Eppendorf and eLabNext

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Clustermarket’s Equipment Scheduler

Optimize lab workflows with Clustermarket’s Equipment Scheduler  Synchronize equipment information, book equipment directly from eLabNext on Clustermarket, and import booking information into your experiment notes

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Pipsqueak Pro

Pipsqueak Pro

Streamline research and development with Rewire Neuro machine learning imaging tool   Pipsqueak Pro was developed to speed up manual image analysis, cellular quantification, and

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tasks add-on


Streamline processes in the lab with the Tasks add-on With the Tasks add-on, users may create and assign tasks to their colleagues associated with a

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Box is a leading cloud-based file storage and sharing service that provides individuals and businesses with easy-to-use cloud storage solutions and collaboration tools. The Box

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CloneAssist – BETA

CloneAssist is designed to assist molecular biologists in expanding their workflow capabilities with sequence analyses, annotation, tracking, and reporting. eLabNext is currently seeking users interested

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ChemAssist – BETA

ChemAssist offers a wide range of features to support chemistry labs and researchers in expanding digital lab capabilities. eLabNext is currently seeking users interested in

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Eppendorf VisioNize sense

Eppendorf VisioNize® sense

The VisioNize® sense add-on offers a flexible way to visualize temperature data to monitor and protect the integrity of your samples Installation Guide PDF The

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Modicus Prime


Optimise your image-processing power with this AI-powered tool from Modicus Prime Modicus Prime specializes in the creation of custom AI/ML solutions for life science data

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Harness the power of AI and accelerate reporting in CAR-T research  ImmunoMind, which graduated from UC Berkeley SkyDeck, helps companies and medical centres design and

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Google Drive

The Google Drive add-on allows users to connect Google Drive to their eLabJournal account. Attach files and images to your ELN directly from your Google

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Sample Batch Import

Increase productivity when handling up to 200 samples at once with our Sample Batch Import add-on. Import from the Sample List and import batches of

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Microsoft Office Online Server

The Microsoft Office Online Server (OOS) add-on offers seamless integration for working on MS Excel, Word, and PowerPoint without needing to install the software on

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External File Link

The External File Link add-on allows users to link files stored on their local computer or server in the eLabJournal ELN file section. This add-on

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Elemental Machines

Track and record temperature data automatically with Elemental Machines Element T sensors by Elemental Machines are wireless temperature detectors that help researchers maintain a complete temperature

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Barcode Automation

The Barcode Automation add-on lets you configure and generate barcodes to perform Sample Update actions in eLabJournal or eLabInventory. Simply scan the generated barcode(s)–the data

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Barcode Import

The Barcode Import add-on is an extension of the Sample Batch Import add-on. This enables linking an external barcode to a sample. After importing a

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Compartment Barcode

The Compartment Barcode add-on lets you link your (externally generated) barcode to a storage compartment. After scanning a linked barcode, the Inventory Browser will automatically

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