eLabNext Unveils its Revolutionary Sample and Inventory System – A New Era in Lab Management  

2 min read 03 Jun 2024

In an ambitious leap forward for laboratory management software, eLabNext announces the launch of its new Sample and Inventory System, transforming how more than 60,0000 scientists manage their inventories. This comprehensive overhaul was driven by extensive customer feedback and an unwavering commitment to enhancing usability, functionality, and integration.  

A New Benchmark in User Interface and Usability  

At the heart of the eLabNext Inventory Management System lies a dramatically enhanced user interface meticulously redesigned to meet the latest standards for modern and intuitive software. This advancement improves the system’s look and feel and greatly enhances usability for many of our customers. In our commitment to inclusivity, we also improved compliance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), making it a benchmark for modern software accessibility. 

“We are thrilled to finally bring many of the most requested enhancements and features to all our customers with the official release of the new eLabNext Inventory System. Sample and inventory management and its comprehensive integration with our Electronic Lab Notebook have always been key deciding factors for customers choosing eLabNext to digitalise their laboratory.

With the release of our new sample and inventory management functions, we are ready to better serve the needs of our customers in the years to come.” 

Wouter de Jong, Co-founder and Managing Director at eLabNext 

Innovative Features for Unmatched Flexibility 

eLabNext introduces several groundbreaking features with its latest inventory system, including: 

  • Adjustable 3-panel View: A direct response to customer requests, offering seamless visualisation of the compartment and sample information on a single page. Users can now customise panel width and easily access sample details while viewing a compartment. 
  • Enhanced Sample Management: The system introduces intuitive drag-and-drop for organising sample boxes and collapsible sample series for efficient management of samples in batch. 
  • Group-Shared and Customisable Views: Enhancing collaboration, users can now share customised data views across the inventory, ensuring consistency and streamlined operations. 
  • Storage location and Compartment Overviews: Extended visualisation of compartments and their available storage capacity as well as bulk management capabilities for compartments 
  • Extended export options for Samples: Generate export in PDF, Excel, and CSV formats directly from samples listed in the inventory, catering to needs of our customers to enhance inventory reporting. 

Full API and SDK Compatibility 

Our new Sample and Inventory Management System is built on eLabNext’s API and is compatible with its Software Development Kit (SDK), ensuring seamless integration and extension through the eLabNext Developer platform. This compatibility enables users and partners to efficiently build, test, and release add-ons. 

Continued Development and Future Enhancements 

eLabNext is not stopping here; the release of its new Inventory System lays the groundwork for a series of planned enhancements, focusing on seamless integration, advanced search capabilities, and improved inventory management for biobanks. Upcoming features include equipment integration into the Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN), email notifications for sample and equipment management, and enhanced stock tracking and reordering.

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