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connected software

Biotech innovators benefit from connective software

[25 October 2022] Digital lab platforms that enhance collaboration between chemists, biologists and informaticians are

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scientists in lab

The digital lab: in search of leaner, greener operations

[21 July 2022] Digital technology is driving new efficiencies in research labs, and unlocking sustainability

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nature magazine article

How to make the most of AI in biopharma research

[20 June 2022] Machine learning can help researchers accomplish scientific tasks more quickly and effectively

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The digital transformation: How can labs embrace digitalization?

[13 Jun 2022] Moving from paper to digital More labs are making the transition from

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advanced sample management lims

Integrating artificial intelligence with digital laboratory tools to revolutionize life sciences

[16 May 2022] A revolution is underway in the life science and biotechnology industries, harnessing

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