How to Get the Most from Your Lab Procedures

By eLabNext 8 min read 03 May 2024

5 Operational Challenges for Biobanks

Explore the operational challenges faced by biobanks, from managing sample quantity to ensuring data security and disaster preparedness.

By Zareh Zurabyan
4 min read 20 Jun 2024

Ensuring Lab Data Security: Best Practices and Emerging Technologies

Enhance your lab’s data security with our best practices guide. Protect sensitive data, mitigate risks and explore the latest in lab data management solutions.

By eLabNext
8 min read 18 Jun 2024

To Succeed in Biopharma R&D: Information Flows and Planning Ahead

Learn how precise communication and formatted data save time, boost productivity, and align stakeholders, from investors to regulatory authorities.

By Simon Delagrave, PhD
4 min read 13 Jun 2024

Using ChatGPT Wisely with Your Lab Work

Start utilising AI wisely for enhanced productivity and scientific insight in your biotech and pharma endeavours.

By Zareh Zurabyan
6 min read 06 Jun 2024

eLabNext brings sample and inventory management to the next level with the release of its new inventory system

Get a detailed look at the top 10 improvements with the recent eLabNext Inventory system update and future plans.

By eLabNext
5 min read 31 May 2024

Digitising from the Start: The Benefits of Digitising Your New Lab 

Learn how Digital Lab Platforms (DLPs) can streamline inventory management, protocol creation, and team collaboration, ensuring efficiency and organisation as you scale.

By Jackie Tracey
4 min read 29 May 2024

Our guide to enhancing lab communication and collaboration

Enhance your lab’s communication and collaboration with our comprehensive guide. Discover top tips, digital solutions and strategies to optimise lab operations.

By eLabNext
8 min read 28 May 2024

Democratising the Digital Tools for Biotech: The Power of eLabNext Developer

Discover how eLabNext Developer democratises access to digital tools, creates a marketplace for plug-ins, fosters community engagement, and offers unparalleled customisation.

By Zareh Zurabyan
9 min read 22 May 2024

How to Choose the Right Laboratory Information Management System for Your Lab

Learn how to choose the right laboratory information management system platform for your lab. Discover key features, benefits and practical tips.

By eLabNext
9 min read 17 May 2024

Revolutionising Scientific Research: The Power of Voice Assistants in Lab Digitisation

Discover how integrating voice technology with electronic lab notebooks (ELNs) streamlines workflows, minimises errors, and accelerates R&D.

By Ahmed Khalil
4 min read 16 May 2024

Our Guide to Mastering Lab Sample Management

Discover expert tips on enhancing lab sample management and learn how digital solutions can help to boost efficiency while minimising errors

By eLabNext
7 min read 14 May 2024

Digitising Your Lab, One Sample at a Time

From inventory assessment to quality control measures, learn how to digitise your lab effectively, one sample at a time.

By Zareh Zurabyan
4 min read 09 May 2024

Lab Management Fundamentals: Our Ultimate Guide to Success

Explore the essentials of lab management with our guide. Learn roles, skills, and how digital tools like eLabJournal and eLabInventory enhance efficiency.

By eLabNext
9 min read 07 May 2024

How to Get the Most from Your Lab Procedures

In this blog, we explore the essentials of lab protocols and SOPs. Discover how digital lab solutions can help you to write more effective lab procedures.

By eLabNext
8 min read 03 May 2024

Benefits and Drawbacks of Generative AI in Biotech

Explore the benefits and drawbacks of integrating generative AI into biotech research and development.

By Zareh Zurabyan
9 min read 02 May 2024

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