Track and Access Your Biobank Data More Efficiently with Biobanking Software

Avoid the digital chaos of unorganized Excel files and legacy LIMS with our flexible, easy-to-use sample management platform, optimized for biobanking. With eLabNext, all it takes is the click of a button to view any biospecimen in your biobank, search and access specific datasets, and find free space.

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Always Know Which Biospecimens Are Where

Personnel turnover, mountains of biospecimen documentation, and operations scale-up can amplify existing issues with your information management systems. Without standardized metadata conventions, optimized storage, and a streamlined LIMS, irreplaceable biospecimens and metadata can get misplaced or lost, making it challenging to fulfill sample requests and leading to unwarranted equipment purchases.

eLabNext provides an open biobanking platform, eLabInventory, that significantly simplifies biospecimen tracking and expands functionality as your operations grow. Our intuitive software helps you visualize your collection of biospecimens and associated metadata digitally, as you would in any of your storage units.

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eLabNext’s Effortless, End-to-End Biobanking Software Solution

Maximize your operational efficiency

Save your team time and money with one-click transitions from legacy systems, rapid data transfer, and trend tracking.

Easy-to-use biobank software for everyone

Find any sample in your biobank or empty box space with the click of a button or search with simple queries.

Flexible configurations to match your operations

Integrate eLabInventory with any ELN or third-party software, so platform performance evolves and expands as you do.

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What Sets eLabInventory Apart

Improved traceability with sample barcoding

For maximum traceability, you can print identification labels with a unique barcode, assign it to a biospecimen, and store it in eLabInventory.

Flexible add-ons with eLabSDK + eLabAPI

eLabInventory is not just another LIMS. We can develop custom applications and integrate third-party integrations to build functionalities for your unique needs.

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At a glance visualization of your biorepository

Easily browse different specimen types across your entire biobank with a color-coded sample legend.

State-of-the-art, compliant data security

All changes to biospecimen entries are logged, creating a full audit trail in accordance with GxP guidelines. You can also remotely access your data securely, preventing data breaches.

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Contact us today to get a personalized demo and see how eLabNext can elevate and streamline your biobanking operations.

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