Limitless Customisation with an Open Ecosystem


An Open Ecosystem offers full customisation and third-party integrations, allowing you more freedom in adapting…

33:06 23 Nov 2023

Eppendorf & eLabNext: Driving Digitalization in Life Science and Biotech Research


In this Eppendorf Lab Channel webinar, eLabNext experts guide you through the cutting-edge solutions offered…

1:10:01 09 Nov 2023

Elevating Cancer Research Workflows Embracing the Digital Lab Movement


Discover how experience in utilizing a digital lab platform can elevate research workflows. In this…

55:17 03 Oct 2023

Improving lab efficiency: a look at Boston University’s digital transformation


In 2019, the first cases of SARS-CoV-2 were detected in Wuhan, China, and by early…

1:06:20 06 Jun 2023

The Importance of Digital Lab Platforms and Why Bioprocessing Facilities Need to Adapt Them


Learn about the importance of having a Digital Lab Platform (DLP), and its benefits for compliance, security, and efficiency.

32:02 12 Apr 2023

Taking lab digitization to the next level


Learn about the different levels of lab automation and ways to take your lab digitization to the next level.

42:42 11 Apr 2023

Building your digital lab


In this webinar, we focus on the benefits of a connected digital laboratory and discuss why every lab should invest in connected digital solutions to enhance data integrity, increase efficiency and save money.

50:17 29 Sep 2022

The Paper Lab Notebook is Finally Dying


Listen to this episode of the Harry Glorikian podcast discussing the end of the paper lab notebook

42:57 28 Sep 2022

Digitize Your Sample Journey


This webinar discusses the fundamentals of strategically prepping your lab to go digital, focusing on ensuring Sample Safety and Data Integrity through the implementation of reliable lab software.

55:28 24 May 2022

Sample tracking features to improve your sample management


Watch this video tutorial to learn how to improve your sample inventory management with sample tracking features in eLabJournal or eLabInventory.

05:56 12 Jan 2022

Lock experiments with Digital Signatures


Watch this video tutorial to learn how to use digital signatures to sign your experiments and comply with GLP guidelines in eLabJournal.

02:10 12 Jan 2022

Integrate add-ons from Marketplace


Watch this video tutorial to learn how to extend the functionality of eLabJournal or eLabInventory with Marketplace Add-ons.

01:58 12 Jan 2022

Electronic Laboratory Notebook


Watch this video tutorial to learn how to use eLabJournal to track data efficiently and record lab results in a digital lab.

06:45 11 Jan 2022

Organize your samples with sample types


Watch this video tutorial for a step-by-step guide for utilising sample types to organize your samples better in eLabInventory and eLabJournal.

05:42 11 Jan 2022

Set up storage units in eLabInventory & eLabJournal


Watch this video tutorial to learn how to create a digital representation of your storage units to track your samples better and improve your workflow in eLabJournal or eLabInventory.

06:01 11 Jan 2022

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