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building your digital lab webinar

Building your digital lab

We often find ourselves in chaos: “Where is my key? Did I shut the fume

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Harry Glorikian Podcast

The Paper Lab Notebook is Finally Dying

If you walked into a typical life science research lab at a university or a

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digitize your sample journey webinar

Digitize Your Sample Journey

The laboratory of today relies on digitization at every step of the experimental workflow. Though

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Sample tracking features to improve your sample management | eLabNext Tutorial #7

Improve your sample inventory management with sample tracking features in eLabJournal or eLabInventory. Watch this

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Lock experiments with Digital Signatures | eLabNext Tutorial #6

Use digital signatures to sign your experiments and comply with GLP guidelines in eLabJournal. Watch

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Integrate add-ons from Marketplace | eLabNext Tutorial #5

Watch this tutorial to learn how to extend the functionality of eLabJournal or eLabInventory with

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Electronic Lab Notebook | eLabNext Tutorial #4

Discover eLabJournal, our all-in-one ELN (Electronic Lab Notebook). Watch this tutorial to learn how to

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Organize your samples with sample types | eLabNext Tutorial #3

Organize your samples with sample types in eLabJournal or eLabInventory. This tutorial provides a step-by-step

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Set up storage units in eLabInventory & eLabJournal | eLabNext Tutorial #2

Create a digital representation of your storage units to track your samples better and improve

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Set up two-step verification | Tutorial #1

Watch this eLabNext Tutorial to learn how to set up two-step verification for an extra layer of security on your account.

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Limitless Customization with Open Ecosystem

Learn how Open Ecosystem software can future-proof your digital lab. Hosted by SelectScience, this webinar

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How to Take Advantage of Data & Optimise Your Lab

  Learn more about your lab’s data maturity as well as how you can improve

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Justin Krouse, GSK Consumer Healthcare

I needed an inventory software solution to track reference standards, and in our laboratory I

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Lab digitization and workflow management

Streamline your lab workflow, from Sample and Equipment Management, Ordering Supplies, all the way to managing protocols and SOPs in a centralized, and comprehensive reporting interface.

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Lab digitization and future of digital sustainability

What makes software Future Proof and Digital Sustainability? Role of AI in the future of Biotechnology.

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LIMS vs ELNs–What’s right for your lab?

  This webinar provides an outline about what the differences between LIMS and ELNs, and

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The problem with cryostorage

Watch this webinar to learn more about the most common problems with cryostorage, and how

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New biobanking tools for ELNs

Watch now -> What are some biobank challenges in sample management and what advantages can

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