eLab Marketplace extends eLabJournal with free add-ons

Modern electronic lab notebook systems, like eLabJournal, must be simple, intuitive, and easy-to-use. Given the great diversity in life science research, including all workflows and software applications used, the number of features in eLabJournal would grow exponentially to support the workflows of all labs in the best possible way.

As a result, the software will become less intuitive and less user-friendly. To avoid becoming a complex electronic lab notebook system, and at the same time, provide more flexibility to tailor the functionality of the ELN to the needs of every lab, eLabJournal includes a Marketplace. The eLab Marketplace is a digital catalog with a collection of software add-ons that extend the functionality of eLabJournal.


The benefits of the Marketplace

  • Increased productivity – eLab Marketplace contains many free add-ons to integrate applications such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Google Translate seamlessly in eLabJournal.
  • More flexibility – Create and activate add-ons that your lab needs to ensure a perfect fit with the workflow in your lab.
  • Convenience – eLab Marketplace is the central place to find and install add-ons in a single click.

The eLab Marketplace launched with a collection of free add-ons that support the integration of popular services used in many labs, as well as many add-ons to boost sample management and biobanking: Sample Check-Out, Scan to ELN, Sample Parent, Barcode Import, and Compartment Barcode modules. All are available for free! Login to your account and explore the marketplace or create a free trial account and get started today.

Having the Marketplace is unique among electronic lab notebook and sample management systems in allowing the software to be readily customized by any third party. Customers, software developers, or third-party service providers can use our SDK (Software Development Kit) and API (Application Programming Interface) to develop an add-on and add this to eLab Marketplace.


Contact Us if you are interested in developing an add-on for eLabJournal.

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