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eLabNext offers a wide range of add-ons & integrations to extend the functionality of your digital lab platform. Categories range from biobanking and utilities to productivity and reporting.

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How does eLab Marketplace benefit eLab Users?

Save time & money

eLab Marketplace is conveniently available in the eLabNext platform making add-ons easy to find, install, and begin utilising immediately.

Most add-ons are available for free meaning you don’t need to spend extra money to integrate the tools you already have.

Future-proof with a fully customisable Digital Lab Platform

Creating an ELN that includes every possible integration would make the software very complex and lead to higher prices for users.

With eLabNext, we’ve focused on making the customisation process as simple as possible so that each lab is able to cater the notebook to their specific needs. This means that your lab can decide on the tools you would or would not like to integrate.

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eLabSDK and eLabAPI are available for our users as well as 3rd-parties to develop their own add-ons to be integrated with the eLabNext platform.

Our team is continually working to develop more tools–often based on the requests of our users. If you’d like to integrate a new add-on, the eLab team will work with you to make that happen.

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