2023 Q4 New Add-on and Feature Highlights

1 min read 06 Dec 2023

Signature Workflows Add-on

The new Signature Workflow add-on allows you to set up an experiment signing workflow with multiple witnesses who must give their approval signatures. There is no limit to the number of approval steps.

Depending on your settings, every approval step will have to be performed by any of the collaborators of an experiment, a specific user or someone with a specific user role. Only after completing all approval steps will the experiment be marked as completed. Signature Workflows are assigned on the project level. This is a paid add-on, but you can sign up for a free 30-day trial.

AI Protocol Generation Add-on

Are you tired of manually creating lab protocols? Try our AI Protocol Generation add-on! Simply enter a few words describing your experiment and let AI do the rest.


From within the system admin panel, it is now possible to create a wide variety of reports, allowing you to gain insights into object creation, usage, and activity within your system. To access these report options, go to the system admin panel and access the reports section via the system dropdown menu.

Multi-select Compartments

Bulk selection of compartments is now available in the Inventory V2 Beta. This way, batch actions can be performed on the selected compartments, such as moving, deleting and printing ZPL labels if using V2.0.01 of the ZPL print add-on.

Select Multiple Samples in Experiments

Inventory V2 Beta has now been linked with the Journal. Browsing for samples via a used- or generated sample section within your experiment can now be done with the renewed Inventory. One great feature that has been added is the ability to select samples from multiple compartments. All selected samples are shown via the ‘Selected’ tab. 

Archiving Reason for Samples

Another highly requested feature that has been implemented in the Inventory V2 Beta is the feature of adding an archive reason for deleted samples. By default, this is optional, but with the newly added group policy, entering an archiving reason can be enforced on group level.

If you have any questions or feedback, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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