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eLabNext Opens New Office in Glendale, CA, Adding to LA’s Growing Biotech Scene

3 min read 03 Mar 2023

Los Angeles, California – The digital transformation of the life sciences industry continues apace, with Lab Digitalization at the top of the priority list.  With the opening of eLabNext’s new office in Glendale, CA, the area is ideally placed to emerge as a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship.

Eppendorf’s eLabNext division was founded in 2010 with the goal of streamlining life science R&D by digitizing laboratory processes. The company offers a full-service experience with a team of experts who help clients along their digitization journey. eLabNext solutions have been used in a variety of research areas, including cancer research, sustainable food production, and the development of the COVID-19 vaccine.

“We are thrilled to open our new office in Glendale and join the vibrant community at Hero House,” said Alisha Simmons, Key Account Manager at eLabNext, Americas, division of Eppendorf. “This move represents a major step forward in our mission to streamline life science R&D through digitization and make a positive impact in the industry.”

A thriving community of startups and innovation leaders surrounds the new office at Hero House. SmartGateVC, a Los Angeles-based pre-seed and seed venture capital firm investing at the intersection of AI, Healthcare, and Biotech, founded Hero House as a startup and innovation hub.

“As we continue to expand globally, we are excited to open our new office in Glendale and become part of Los Angeles’ thriving life sciences community,” said Erwin Seinen, Founder and Managing Director at eLabNext.

Hero House provides the infrastructure and resources needed to power the growth of new ventures through its programs, global mentor network, angel investor group, and technology transfer support. 

“At Hero House, we are committed to cultivating a vibrant community of innovation and entrepreneurship in the life sciences industry. The arrival of eLabNext to our tech entrepreneurship hub opens up a wealth of opportunities for SoCal startups and labs and strengthens our ecosystem. Their commitment to digitizing laboratory processes aligns with our mission, and we look forward to assisting eLabNext and their clients as they continue to drive progress in this exciting field.” Ashot Arzumanyan, Partner, SmartGateVC 

The benefits of digitization are becoming more apparent as life science labs continue to adopt new technologies. Modern labs are streamlining their operations and allowing scientists to focus on their research by automating manual processes, minimizing data errors and improving data storage, AI-optimized processes, and more. The life sciences industry’s future appears bright, with many promising players emerging in SoCal.

The opening of eLabNext’s new office at Hero House demonstrates the growing importance of digitization in the life sciences and the promising future of Los Angeles’ biotech scene. The area is poised to become a hub for life science R&D and biotechnology, with a thriving community of startups, innovation leaders, and an increasing number of key players entering the market.

eLabNext contact

Alisha Simmons, Key Account Manager at eLabNext, division of Eppendorf, 508-851-7747, a.simmons@elabnext

About SmartGateVC and Hero House

​SmartGateVC is a SoCal–and Armenia–based pre-seed and seed venture capital firm investing at the intersection of AI with healthcare, biotech, security and IoT across Southern California, the wider U.S., and Armenia. SmartGateVC provides startups with the resources and support they need to succeed, thanks to a team of experienced investment professionals and a global mentor network.

​​Hero House by SmartGateVC is a startup and innovation hub in Glendale, CA, where SmartGateVC works with scientists, founders, executives, and co-investors to turn research and technology into various disciplines into industry-defining companies. It connects science, technology, entrepreneurship, and capital, fostering the creation and advancement of new ventures.

smartgate.vc and herohouse.io   

Liana Karapetyan, Associate at SmartGateVC, Director of Hero House Angels, liana@smartgate.vc 

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