Highlights from the Glendale Office Opening Event: Insights and Networking with AI and Biotech Experts

3 min read 13 Apr 2023

We are happy to share a recap of the panel discussion that took place during our new office opening in Glendale, CA, last month. The event was an excellent opportunity for attendees to network with the various booths, and we’ve provided highlights of each one so that you can reach out to them directly.

Pictured: Erwin Seinen, Anthony Portantino, Zareh Zurabyan, Armine Galstyan, Ashot Arzumanyan.

We’d like to take a moment to express our gratitude to SmartGate VC and Hero House for their warm hospitality and welcome. It’s an honor to be part of such a vibrant AI ecosystem, and we’re thrilled to be contributing our biotech expertise to it. We also extend a warm welcome to Mayor Ardy and Senator Portanito, who joined us to celebrate this exciting new chapter.

Pictured: Zareh Zurabyan, Mehdi Saghafi, Erwin Seinen, Taylor Chartier, Lucy Abgaryan.

Key Takeaways

  • The AI Revolution is happening as you read this, whether we like it or not, and those who prepare for it will benefit tremendously. Those that don’t will fall behind, especially in the biotech/pharma industry. This is also very closely related to the Academic and Healthcare industries.
  • Erwin Seinen, Founder of eLabNext
    • The development of new technologies is opening up new possibilities,
      demonstrated by this use-case of conservation efforts that include the
      potential to bring back extinct species.
    • The use of big data analytics and machine learning is playing an ever
      an increasingly important role in advancing scientific research.
  • Zareh Zurabyan, Head of eLabNext, Americas
  • Mehdi Saghafi, Bayer’s Principal Data Engineer
    • Implementing Digital Solutions is very simple; you need to have a very strategic approach to it right from the beginning, i.e. having timelines, and very specific goals of digitizing sample data, reporting data, and equipment data, and tackling them one by one, with agile project management. Learn about “Adoption Barriers and How to Overcome Them”.
    • Having an open ecosystem is necessary for a comprehensive and holistic solution for a large company like Bayer. There are many scientists, many operations, and many digital tools that are used. Having a connection between them is vital in ensuring efficiency and limiting any chance of data loss. Find out more.
  • Lucy Abgaryan, Founder of GrittGene and ProoneLabs
    • There is a shift from previous generations to new ones. It is essential to train your staff accordingly in the benefits of digitising your lab and being innovative and early adopters of new technologies, like AI. If you are a PI, a Research Tech, that is about to go on a digital journey, ensuring a proper training regimen and defining digital strategy right from the beginning is vital for success. Learn more about how Moderna does this.
  • Taylor Chartier, Founder of Modicus Prime
    • During a global recession, you can’t afford to not invest in cost-saving technologies that will accelerate your research.  Empower your scientists with AI tools that will automate their workflows to achieve repeatable results faster.
    • Quality control over your research processes is just as important as the quality of your research product.  AI softwares make routine lab processes less burdensome and error-prone, giving scientists both structure and peace of mind as they conduct experiments that save time and resources formerly wasted on poor-quality studies.

LinkedIn Profiles

Featured Booths and Contact Information

Company Contact Information
Nikon Instrument, Inc. Junya Yoshika, Senior Scientist,
Fumiki Yanagawa, General Manager,
Henning Mann, Business Development and Partnerships,
Eppendorf Loreline Lee, Sales Director,
Implen Inc. Austin Brazzle, Product Specialist,
Ohan Cardiovascular Innovations Vahagn Ohanyan, President,
Brinter Inc. Tom Alapaattikoski, CEO,
Microscape John Francis, CTO and Co-founder,
Purpose Bio Lital Gilad-Shaoulian, CEO and Founder,
Modicus Prime Taylor Chartier, Founder and CEO,
Amaros AI Ben Toker, Co-Founder/CTO,
Okomera Sidarth Radjou, CEO,
Metaba A.Eye Philip Sell, CEO,

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