Flexible hosting: Cloud, Private-Cloud, and On-Premises

Available as a service in the Cloud, a customer-specific Private Cloud, or a locally hosted On-Premises installation–eLabNext offers a range of hosting solutions catered to the needs of your organisation.


Cloud Solution is the best option for laboratories that would not like to invest in hardware or system maintenances included in offered licenses due to low available budget or resources to invest.

  • No upfront investments
  • Hosted in ISO-certified data centers
  • Flexible license plans

The Cloud Solution is hosted in multiple ISO-certified data centers with high availability and full redundancy. Data are backed up in real-time and are periodically archived to an off-site encrypted vault. System maintenances, software updates, and support are included in the offered licenses.

Private Cloud

Private Cloud Solution can be configured as a cloud application and access can be restricted to the IP range of your organisation.

  • Hosted in ISO-certified data center
  • Single sign-on availability
  • Optional access restriction based on IP range

Server installation, network configuration, and monthly hosting costs are included in the service delivery of Private Cloud. The Private Cloud is hosted in an AWS (Amazon Web Service) Cloud chosen by the customer. This solution will maximize system uptime and performance.


On-Premises Solution is similar to Private Cloud Solution but offers installation of the software and all data on company or institute servers.

  • Full system control
  • All data stored locally
  • Individual system customization options

This solution is best for organisations that need to comply with strict IT policies such as having data stored locally. A dedicated account manager will be assigned to you and will guide you through the implementation process.

More information

Learn more about eLabNext multi-tenant architecture and training processes

A flexible, multi-tenant architecture for greater support

eLabNext provides a flexible, multi-tenant architecture to support use by multiple customers (tenants).

The tenants can be different business divisions, departments, or research groups within the same organization but also from different organizations.

Learn more about multi-tenant architecture

For Private Cloud or On-Premises installation

A customer-appointed group of Key-Users will receive extensive training by eLabNext product specialists.

After the training, the Key-Users will be able to implement the system at different departments or research groups within the client’s organization. In addition, Key-Users will be able to address End-User questions and perform admin tasks at the organisational level.

Periodic training of the Key-User is covered in the Private Cloud Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Demonstrations and training

During end-user training, an overview of all system functionalities and features are provided as well as training in all basic operations.

End-users will be instructed within the context of your organisation’s specific system configuration as determined by chosen Key-Users.

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