7 min read 01 Jun 2023
By Zareh Zurabyan

The Beginner’s Guide to Managing an Antibody Library

Here are the top providers of antibodies in the biological R&D space, their primary applications in research, and best practices for managing a collection of…

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4 min read 18 May 2023
By eLabNext

Como a digitização pode otimizar os laboratórios na América Latina

Do caderno de anotações ao software de gerenciamento, a migração do papel ao digital é global, e acontece em todas as áreas. 

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4 min read 11 May 2023
By eLabNext

How to Choose Between an ELN and a LIMS for Life Science…

What are the differences between ELNs and LIMS? What are some helpful tips to help you choose the right solution for your lab?

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DMPTool integrates with eLabNext’s digital lab platform, driving more accessible proposal review and compliance with NIH’s data management policies

30 May 2023

eLabNext has incorporated DMPTool, a free online platform for creating data management plans (DMPs), into…

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Case Studies

The Fox Lab at UNMC optimizes animal and rat tracking with eLabJournal


Learn how the Fox Lab at UNMC moved away from their paper, digital hybrid approach for a more optimized research process.

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NEOsphere streamlines experimentation process with eLabJournal


Learn how NEOsphere Biotechnologies uses eLabJournal to streamline their experimentation process.

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How to Choose the Best Digital Platform for Your Biobank

White Paper

A Complete Guide to Avoiding Digital Chaos and Streamlining Your Operations Key points: The importance…

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The Importance of Digital Lab Platforms and Why Bioprocessing Facilities Need to Adapt Them


Taking lab digitization to the next level

building your digital lab

Building your digital lab

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