4 min read 29 May 2024
By Jackie Tracey

Digitising from the Start: The Benefits of Digitising Your New Lab 

Learn how Digital Lab Platforms (DLPs) can streamline inventory management, protocol creation, and team collaboration, ensuring efficiency and organisation as you scale.

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9 min read 22 May 2024
By Zareh Zurabyan

Democratising the Digital Tools for Biotech: The Power of eLabNext Developer

Discover how eLabNext Developer democratises access to digital tools, creates a marketplace for plug-ins, fosters community engagement, and offers unparalleled customisation.

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4 min read 16 May 2024
By Ahmed Khalil

Revolutionising Scientific Research: The Power of Voice Assistants in Lab Digitisation

Discover how integrating voice technology with electronic lab notebooks (ELNs) streamlines workflows, minimises errors, and accelerates R&D.

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Leading Life Science Companies eLabNext and Zifo Forge Strategic Partnership to Revolutionise Laboratory Digitisation

06 May 2024

Explore the strategic alliance between eLabNext and Zifo, reshaping laboratory informatics globally.

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Case Studies

Powering faster R&D and innovation in veterinary diagnostics at PathoSense

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Fully Integrated Data Management at Children’s Cancer Institute Australia

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The Legal Implications of an Un-Digitised Lab

White Paper

Legal issues that can arise when labs don’t employ digital lab management systems, how they can help with regulatory compliance and staying out of legal hot water.

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The Future of Biotech Labs: Enhancing Research with ELN and Advanced Technologies


Limitless Customisation with an Open Ecosystem


Eppendorf & eLabNext: Driving Digitalization in Life Science and Biotech Research

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