4 min read 20 Jun 2024
By Zareh Zurabyan

5 Operational Challenges for Biobanks

Explore the operational challenges faced by biobanks, from managing sample quantity to ensuring data security and disaster preparedness.

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8 min read 18 Jun 2024
By eLabNext

Ensuring Lab Data Security: Best Practices and Emerging Technologies

Enhance your lab's data security with our best practices guide. Protect sensitive data, mitigate risks and explore the latest in lab data management solutions.

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4 min read 13 Jun 2024
By Simon Delagrave, PhD

To Succeed in Biopharma R&D: Information Flows and Planning Ahead

Learn how precise communication and formatted data save time, boost productivity, and align stakeholders, from investors to regulatory authorities.

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eLabNext Unveils its Revolutionary Sample and Inventory System – A New Era in Lab Management  

03 Jun 2024

eLabNext unveils a new inventory interface and cutting-edge features based on customer feedback, setting a new standard for lab management.

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Case Studies

Myllia Biotechnology: Streamlining CRISPR screening with eLabNext

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eLabNext Centralises Lab Data and Operations for The Boulant-Stanifer Labs at the University of Florida

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The Legal Implications of an Un-Digitised Lab

White Paper

Legal issues that can arise when labs don’t employ digital lab management systems, how they can help with regulatory compliance and staying out of legal hot water.

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Integrating Toxometris.ai’s in silico capabilities


eLabNext Developer: The FLUICS Print Success Story


The Future of Biotech Labs: Enhancing Research with ELN and Advanced Technologies

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