News Integrates with eLabNext to Accelerate Toxicity Predictions and Drug Design

2 min read 10 Oct 2023

BOSTON, MA – Today, eLabNext, an Eppendorf Group Company offering a flexible, AI-powered Digital Laboratory Platform equipped with a Laboratory Inventory Management System (LIMS) and Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN), announced the inclusion of, an artificial intelligence (AI) tool that performs precise in silico toxicity and ADME property predictions of chemicals and substances, in eLabNext’s add-on library, the eLabMarketplace.

The integration of the platform enables eLabNext users to access a powerful report on a chemical compounds’ physicochemical, biological, and toxic activity in just a few clicks, reducing researchers’ reliance on expensive and time-consuming wet lab testing in the early stages of pre-clinical drug development.

“Our vision has always been to replace experimental in vivo safety assessment methods with hybrid models that combine in silico and in vitro technologies to minimize the usage of animals for testing,” says Zaven Navoyan, CEO of “Making the platform available in the eLabNext software furthers this goal and enables researchers to easily prioritize their leads for further testing, derisk drug candidates, and ultimately, advance the safest and most effective drug products.”

“Many eLabNext users are deeply entrenched in the pharmaceutical R&D, so we are always looking for techniques and technologies that make their jobs easier and more efficient,” comments Zareh Zurabyan, Head of eLabNext, Americas. “As a platform that has long fostered laboratory digitalization, eLabNext has also been excited to adopt powerful AI tools that help users overcome global barriers, like the high failure rate and cost of small molecule drug development. Toxometris’ shared interest in this issue has created a productive partnership with eLabNext, allowing us to offer our users a new technology for advancing promising drug candidates.”  

Currently, the add-on supports the following prediction endpoints: Genotoxicity, including AMES, in vitro micronucleus and in vivo micronucleus testing, aqueous solubility, hERG cardiotoxicity, rodent carcinogenicity, and hepatotoxicity predictions. The number of endpoints is constantly increasing and will eventually cover almost all absorption, distribution, metabolism, excretion (ADME), and toxicity tests.

About is a company that combines expertise from academic research labs focusing on in vitro and in vivo assessment of chemicals and an IT company specializing in different AI applications. Within the company, biologists and machine learning specialists work together to create cutting-edge AI models that predict the outcomes of toxicity assessment tests. Leveraging their collective experience, the team can develop highly accurate prediction models that help ensure the safety of chemicals and substances.

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