Flexible sample management for laboratories

eLabInventory offers an intuitive and flexible solution for inventory management in laboratories. It is available standalone or integrated into eLabJournal. The highly customizable software organizes any sample type in the lab and can be fully configured to work in your unique environment. eLabInventory offers standardized documentation, efficient and organized inventory storage, and a full audit trail for every item.

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eLabInventory Key Features

The broad range of features and flexible add-ons qualify eLabInventory as the perfect solution for your whole research institute. A full feature overview can be found in the product comparison. The key features of eLabInventory

Keep your data secure

eLabInventory automatically records a full audit trail for any sample in the lab. Changes to samples are kept in a chronologically ordered event log following GLP/GMP guidelines.

Access from anywhere

eLabInventory is web-based, which allows you to access your data on any device, anytime, anywhere. Mobile access is available through the Mobile App (Android & iOS).

Visualize your database

Visualize the entire lab and set up storage locations according to your lab specifications. Easily browse through storage locations to locate samples in the lab.

Keep stock up to date

Centralize your orders by keeping track of and receive notifications when chemicals, samples, and consumables run low on stock.

Eliminate human error

Generate and print 2D barcodes to label sample tubes, boxes, and devices, and use the Mobile app to view information on your smartphone or tablet.

User Roles and Permissions

Set up user roles and assign permissions per role. Organizations can set up an unlimited number roles and permissions for every role in the lab.

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Barcoding & eLab mobile app

Generate and print 2D barcodes to label sample tubes, boxes, and devices, and use the eLabInventory mobile app to view information on your smartphone or tablet.

Use the eLab mobile app to scan barcodes, retrieve information, and perform sample actions directly on your mobile device. With the camera of your mobile device, you can scan barcodes of samples, sample series, storage compartments, and equipment.

Retrieve and display all information of a sample directly on your mobile device. Samples can be archived or moved to another compartment directly with your mobile device, using the mobile app or your barcode scanner.

Our Clients

eLabNext products are trusted by more than 40.000 scientists worldwide and eLabInventory has helped our clients to work more efficiently, become more productive, and save costs.

Dr. Isabel Hanekamp, Research Lab Manager, Center for Transplantation Sciences, Partners Healthcare

“Our lab had been looking for a biological sample management system for a long time but all of the applications we evaluated lacked the flexibility and ease of use that we needed. With eLabInventory we found an application that could be adapted to all of the different types of samples that we have and was also user friendly. In our center, we currently have four groups that are using eLabInventory and others that will be joining in the future. Each group has been able to adapt eLabInventory to their unique needs. The customer service with eLabInventory is wonderful. In addition, eLabInventory ensures compliance with Data Management Plans by providing an auditable system for sample management. Finally, the Supplies module in the application makes ordering and tracking orders much easier.”

Justin Krouse, Director – AS&T, Central Laboratory, GSK Consumer Healthcare 

“I needed an inventory software solution to track reference standards, and in our laboratory, I was tasked to set this up in a very short time. This was a no-fail mission. Taking ownership of reference standards in a lab that an entire supply chain would depend on was a daunting task. I needed software that was compliant, secure, easy to set up and use, and most of all flexible. I found eLabInventory and it saved the day. I cannot say enough good things about the software and the support I received through the implementation process. It was so easy to set up and use, I did it with the bare minimum of work in less than a week. When I ran into questions or needed guidance, our designated Key Account Manager always answered his phone, texted, or emailed me back immediately. I quickly got the sense that the same level of support suffuses all levels and departments within the company. Who does that nowadays? The folks at Bio-ITech are top-notch professionals with a superior product at a fraction of the cost of other software I considered. I wholeheartedly recommend this to anyone.”


eLab Marketplace

Customize your workflow. Discover our digital catalog and customize your workflow with a collection of software add-ons that extend the functionality of eLabJournal. Users can easily install add-ons from the eLab Marketplace. Additionally, customers, software developers, or third-party service providers can use our SDK (Software Development Kit) and API (Application Programming Interface) to develop their own add-ons.


Explore all add-ons and integrations
  • Barcode Automation

    Adds the option to configure and generate barcodes to perform sample update actions by scanning a barcode.

  • Barcode Import

    The Google Translate add-on activate the option in the account setting to set and change the application language.

  • Compartment Barcode

    With the Compartment Barcode add-on you link your (externally generated) barcode to a storage compartment.

  • DYMO LabelWriter

    Link your DYMO Label Writer to print labels with 2D barcodes generated for samples, sample series, storage compartment, storage units and devices.

  • Eppendorf RackScan

    Use the camera in your mobile device to scan barcodes, view information, move & achieve samples, reserve lab instruments.

  • Sample Batch Update

    Increase productivity when handling up to 200 samples at once with the Sample Batch Import add-on.

Hosting and pricing

eLabInventory is available in multiple hosting solutions

For small companies and individual academic labs

eLabInventory Cloud is an off-the-shelf configurable Sample and Inventory management tool that is the best solution for customers that do not have the budget or resources to invest in hardware and system maintenance.

Pricing Hosting

For SME companies and academic institutes

eLabInventory Private Cloud is a customer-specific installation of eLabInventory Sample management in an ISO-certified Amazon Web Service (AWS) Cloud datacentre. The eLabJournal Private Cloud can be configured as a cloud application or access can be restricted to the IP range of your organisation.

Pricing Hosting

For companies and universities that need to comply to strict policies

eLabInventory On-Premises is similar to eLabInventory Private Cloud but offers the software and all data on company or institute servers. This solution fits your needs best if you need to comply with strict IT policies, for example, having data stored locally. Your IT department will be responsible for system monitoring, maintenance, and data back-ups while providing software updates and functional support in a tailored service level agreement.

Pricing Hosting

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At eLabNext, we are happy to help you go digital! We developed an easy to complete 3-step approach:

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