HistologiX: Transforming histology sample management with eLabInventory


Learn how eLabInventory has strengthened sample management at HistologiX, streamlining processes and improving efficiency for better research outcomes

4 min read 17 Jul 2024

Lund University, Department of Translational Medicine: Enhancing sample management with eLabInventory


Learn how eLabNext transformed sample management at Lund University, reducing search and retrieval times from hours to minutes.

4 min read 25 Jun 2024

Myllia Biotechnology: Streamlining CRISPR screening with eLabNext


Discover how Myllia Biotechnology GmbH revolutionised their lab operations and enhanced research efficiency with eLabNext.

3 min read 19 Jun 2024

eLabNext Centralises Lab Data and Operations for The Boulant-Stanifer Labs at the University of Florida


Discover how eLabNext revolutionised lab management for Boulant-Stanifer Labs at the University of Florida

3 min read 17 Jun 2024

Powering faster R&D and innovation in veterinary diagnostics at PathoSense


Discover how PathoSense enhances veterinary diagnostics with eLabNext, streamlining processes, improving data management and accelerating innovation.

3 min read 29 May 2024

Fully Integrated Data Management at Children’s Cancer Institute Australia


Learn how eLabNext enabled fully integrated data management for Children’s Cancer Institute Australia.

3 min read 01 May 2024

eLabNext Drives More Organised and Collaborative Operations for GrittGene Therapeutics


Discover how eLabNext has transformed GrittGene Therapeutics’ lab operations, boosting productivity and collaboration.

3 min read 23 Apr 2024

eLabNext Amplifies Holobiome’s Gut-Brain Axis Research Quality and Operational Efficiency


Explore how Holobiome, a leading biotech company, elevated its microbiome research quality and lab management efficiency with eLabNext.

4 min read 02 Apr 2024

eLabNext Makes Automated Inventory and Data Management Easy for Terminus Bio


Learn how Terminus Bio automated their sample management so they could expand their customer base and business opportunities.

4 min read 27 Mar 2024

eLabNext Significantly Improves Diel Lab’s Data Management and Sample Inventory


Discover how eLabNext transformed the Diel Lab’s data management and sample inventorying. Read the case study.

4 min read 12 Dec 2023

Shangaris Group at King’s College London Optimises Sample Management, Productivity, and Data Integrity with eLabJournal


Learn how Shangaris Group at King’s College London uses eLabJournal to accelerate productivity and data integrity.

2 min read 31 Oct 2023

Drop Bio Health–Biotech In The Service Of Longevity: Using At-Home Blood Tests To Power Self-Health Management


Learn how Drop Bio Health uses at-home blood testing, powered by eLabNext’s digital lab platform, to power self-health management.

7 min read 09 Oct 2023

The University of Pittsburgh Behavioral Immunology Lab optimizes sample management with eLabJournal


eLabNext has saved us plenty of time–a 50% improvement–when it comes to tracking and managing…

2 min read 18 Jul 2023

eLabNext Makes Digitalization Seamless for Fraunhofer Institute for Cell Therapy and Immunology IZI


Learn how the Fraunhofer Institute for Cell Therapy and Immunology IZI, improved their data searchability, team collaboration, and sample management with eLabNext.

4 min read 05 Jul 2023

Improving Animal Tracking at UNMC’s Fox Lab with eLabJournal for Rat Breeding & Mouse Colony Management


Learn how the Fox Lab at UNMC moved away from their paper, digital hybrid approach for a more optimized research process.

2 min read 24 May 2023

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