On-Premises Solution

eLabNext On-Premises Solution is ideal for companies and universities that must comply with strict IT policies

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Highest possible uptime plus optimal application performance & scalability

With On-Premises Solution, your organisation has full system control
plus, data is stored locally, enabling complete organisational control

On-Premises Infrastructure

On-premises is a customer-specific installation hosted by the IT department of the given organisation. On-Premises encompasses a multi-server architecture and offers all functionalities as our Cloud Solution.

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Hosting locations

On-Premises offers installation of the software and all data on company or institute servers. Your IT department will be responsible for monitoring and maintaining your system as well as performing data backups.

High Availability (HA) system

With HA, duplicate system installation is configured and hosted on a different server (physically/virtually). If one setup is down, system uptime is unaffected as this server is removed from the cluster, so all communication is automatically diverted to the available server.

Provided services

Your organisation has complete system control. Per your Service Level Agreement (SLA), we will provide software updates and functional support.

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Implementation plan

After signing a licensing plan, one of our account managers will guide you through a step-by-step implementation of your chosen software.

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Installation Pre-requisites

Depending on the number of users, On-Premises has different installation prerequisites such as standard setup, licenses, and keys required.

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