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Elevate Life Science Research

Our Story

It all began in 2010

In 2010, we founded eLabNext to improve research processes through lab digitization. Today, we elevate life science research and development laboratories with both our software and our support team.

At eLabNext we try to make the world a little bit better. Our software has helped clients in making discoveries in cancer research, the production of sustainable foods, the development of vaccines, North Pole research and much more. We see the enormous potential that life science research can offer and the growing benefits digitising R&D workflows can bring.


We’re convinced it’s not only about software, but also about service. That’s why our team of friendly experts is always happy to assist you through your digitisation journey. All of our product specialists have a background in life sciences. While our software is designed to be intuitive and easy to use without extensive training, we understand the difference good support can have on your digitisation journey.

eLabNext is a brand of Bio-ITech BV. The participation of Eppendorf in Bio-ITech in 2017 is a critical milestone in our company history and an important step to enable further growth. Eppendorf SE holds the majority of shares of Bio-ITech.








Labs served

The eLabNext DNA

Innovation and Impact

We strive to innovate in our work and have a positive societal impact. We contribute to better life science lab research in relevant issues such as cancer research, sustainable food production or developing new vaccines.


We aim to learn every day and inspire each other. We do that as a company but also as individual professionals. We embrace mistakes and learn from them.


At eLabNext we trust in people and give them space and responsibility in doing their work in a way that works best for them.

Sincere and reliable partner

We strive to get our customers the best possible solution for their unique organization, even when that’s not one of our products. We just want them to be successful in research! One of the reasons why our people have backgrounds in Life Sciences is to make the right decisions from our customers point-of-view.

Work together, have fun together

We are one team with one shared purpose. We appreciate everyone’s contribution. We take responsibility for our company/organization and help each other to do great. And if we do, we celebrate together!

Our Partners

Our journey ’til now

  1. Start of the company

    January 2010 marked the start of the company. The ‘Rabobank’ and ‘Stichting Business Generator Groningen’ (SBGG) handed a Technovatie loan to initiate the plans and market their ideas. With a proof-of-concept, Bio-ITech went live in September 2010 with the first platform, eLabProtocols. With eLabProtocols, users could easily design, show, and share biological protocols and standard operating procedures.

  2. The first trials and further development

    In February 2011, the first trials of eLabInventory were initiated. eLabInventory provides an easy and efficient solution to better organize and track & trace biological samples, chemicals, and any other entities within the lab.

    In September 2011, a second round of funding was fulfilled by Square One BV. Thereafter, the products were further adapted and optimized for the market. This resulted in further development of the eLab-platform with the addition of eLabJournal, which combined the important functionalities of eLabProtocols and eLabInventory.

    In addition, September 2011 marked the 250th account to enter the customer base, with 10 of them being large institutes. Two of these institutes are the Dutch Institute of Neuroscience and Brains On-Line BV.

  3. Launch of eLabJournal

    In June 2012, eLabJournal is launched, Bio-ITech’s third product after eLabinventory and eLabProtocols. Additionally, the University of Utrecht (UU) becomes the first university to purchase a license for their entire organization. At this point, Bio-ITech moves to the Media Centrale (Groningen, Europapark).

  4. UMCG and RuG adopt the platform

    In the years after, the University of Groningen (RuG) and the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG) adopted the eLab-platform as well.

  5. Strategic alliance with Eppendorf

    In 2015, Eppendorf AG formed a strategic alliance with Bio-ITech. Eppendorf AG is a leading life science company that develops and sells instruments, consumables, and services for liquid-, sample-, and cell-handling in labo- ratories worldwide. In addition, Eppendorf AG provided funding to Bio-ITech to initiate growth as well as further professionalize the company.

    Both Bio-ITech and Eppendorf AG foresaw a changing market with focus shifting towards a greater need for integration between laboratory hardware and software. To clear the path for global market leadership, Bio-ITech hires more IT and business personnel to be part of the team.

  6. Office relocation to Kielerbocht, Groningen (NL)

    In January 2016, Bio-ITech relocates from the Mediacentrale to a new office at the Kieler Bocht, Groningen, to adjust for the growing team.

  7. First on-premise installation of the eLabNext solution

    In January 2017, the first on-premise installation of the eLabNext solution is installed at the RUG and UMCG. On-premise software is installed and runs on computers located on the premises of the organization utilizing the software (in this case RUG and UMCG) rather than at a remote facility, such as a server farm or cloud.

    In March 2017, Eppendorf becomes shareholder of Bio-ITech B.V.

  8. U.S. division is founded

    The Bio-ITech U.S. Division is founded in January 2018. A new milestone is reached. We are more accessible to our American customers and may provide better service to them.

  9. Launch of eLab Marketplace

    In December 2020, eLab Marketplace is launched. eLab Marketplace provides a range of add-ons and integrations for customers to extend the functionality of their eLabNext software. Most tools are free to install.

  10. Bio-ITech becomes eLabNext

    In April 2021, it came time for a rebrand. Since our products hadn’t matched well with our original company name (Bio-ITech), we decided to rename our company eLabNext. This way our products are more closely connected to our brand.

  11. Rebuilding and restyling of the Groningen office

    In March 2022, we rebuilt and restyled of our office at Kielerbocht to make it future-proof and re-align with the (flex) working experience.

  12. The future…

    No one knows what the future will bring, but we do know that we will continue trying to reach our goal of being the preferred e-lab solution for academia, biotech, and startups in the Americas and Europe.

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