About eLabNext

eLabNext was founded in 2010 on the purpose of improving research processes with lab digitisation.

Today, we elevate life science R&D laboratories with both our software as well as our support team. With eLabNext, your experience doesn’t end with the product. Our team of friendly experts are always happy to assist you through your digitisation journey.

We believe every unique lab requires software solutions that fit their workflow rather than the other way around. That’s why we strive for an open ecosystem.

We see the enormous potential that life science research can offer and the growing benefits digitising R&D workflows can bring. That’s why our software solutions are perfect any lab.

Working with modern scientists across industry and academia, eLabNext solutions have enabled clients in making discoveries in cancer research, the production of sustainable foods, the development of COVID-19 vaccines, and much more.

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eLabNext – Bio-ITech BV

While many ELN solutions are available as standard packages, eLabNext takes pride in our efforts in assisting clients to identify and personalize their ELN to each lab’s unique needs.

With our broad range of features and add-ons as well as availability of API and SDK, eLabNext is the perfect solution for any R&D lab.

eLabNext is a brand of Bio-ITech BV, part of Eppendorf group. Bio-ITech is ISO/IEC 27001 certified and has accordingly implemented the required security measures and business practices.


Since March 2017, Eppendorf AG holds the majority of shares of Bio-ITech. The participation of Eppendorf in Bio-ITech is a key milestone in our company history and an important step to enable further growth.

As the market interest for Electronic Lab Notebooks and Sample Management solutions intensify, Bio-ITech will be able to scale up its current activities by offering its software solutions across the globe.

Why choose eLabNext?

We place our focus not only on delivering elevated and future-proof digital lab solutions, but also by ensuring a strong and reliable support team.

All of our product specialists have backgrounds in life sciences. While our software is designed to be intuitive and easy-to-use without extensive training, we understand the difference good support can have on your digitisation journey.

Similarly, we take your feedback seriously and work continually to improve for yours and our benefit.

Step-by-step Implementation

We are happy to help you go digital! Here is our 3-step approach:

1: Personal demo

Schedule a demo with one of our product specialists for a free, no-obligation product demonstration. All of our product specialists have a life science background and are happy to discuss your needs.

2: Setting up your workflow

Open a free trial account and get full access to all product features. We will help your set up and personalize your digital lab. No automatic charges at the end of your trial period.

3: Training your team

For a smooth transition and implementation of eLabNext products, we provide a free training webinar in which we will familiarize you and your team with your new digital lab. No obligations and fees required.

Our purposes and values


We will always deliver leading-edge lab innovations that matter.


We communicate transparently and listen carefully so we can better understand.


We support the work of research labs across the globe.


We provide all the support you need to implement our software.


We are dedicated to life science research, digitalizing the lab, & our clients.


We enjoy working together and celebrating success.

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