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Bringing "All Digital" To Your Lab

1 min read 01 Feb 2023

The Legal Implications of an Un-Digitized Lab

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Legal issues that can arise when labs don’t employ digital lab management systems, how they can help with regulatory compliance and staying out of legal hot water.

The Ultimate Guide to Building, Managing, and Analyzing Your Plasmid Library

White Paper

Common plasmids used in the life science space and best practices for building, maintaining, managing, and storing a plasmid library.

How to Choose the Best Digital Platform for Your Biobank

White Paper

A Complete Guide to Avoiding Digital Chaos and Streamlining Your Operations Key points: The importance…

Bringing “All Digital” To Your Lab

White Paper

Interested in learning about the transition from paper to digital in the lab? Download our…

eLabNext and Sustainability

White Paper

eLabNext helps our customers improve the sustainability of their bioscience laboratory operations by providing a seamless digital data management system in research, development, and education.

All Digital 3 – Evaluation Checklist

White Paper

Based on our experiences with various labs and institutions, along with work done with real scientists, we have compiled an evaluation checklist to help guide you in your process of going digital.

All Digital 2 – Paths to Lab Nirvana

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To stay organized and efficient, it is necessary to implement an excellent management system for your lab samples and inventory, experiment, and data collection protocols, along with a secure and easily accessible database for your fellow lab scientists.

All Digital 1 – It’s Time to Transition

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Going digital can solve this problem by providing seamless collaboration amongst colleagues and secure record-keeping. It is no longer a matter of asking whether you should make the switch but is now when and how you should go about it.

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