eLab Marketplace Add-ons

Extend the functionality of your digital lab with add-ons from eLab Marketplace.
Installation is done directly from the Marketplace section of your eLabNext account.

Compartment Barcode

The Compartment Barcode add-on lets you link your (externally generated) barcode to a storage compartment. After scanning a linked barcode, the Inventory Browser will automatically

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Dropbox’s file-storing and sharing platform provides a secure space for group collaboration. Connect the Dropbox add-on with eLabJournal to upload your files directly to, and

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DYMO Label Writer

With the DYMO LabelWriter add-on, you can use your DYMO LabelWriter to print labels with 2D barcodes generated for samples, sample series, storage compartment, storage

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Eppendorf RackScan

Scan samples for cryostorage more efficiently with Eppendorf RackScan The greater number of samples you have, the less you want to manually scan every individual

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Eppendorf SafeCode Consumable

With this add-on, you can visualize Eppendorf SafeCode consumable information within eLabJournal. The SafeCode system for Eppendorf CryoStorage Vials is based on a 3-level coding

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  FLUICS PRINT Package for eLabNext > FLUICS PRINT is a specialized printer system developed by FLUICS, a young company based in Munich, Germany. The

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Mendeley is a free citation manager for scientists to easily insert references for their research. With this add-on, you may connect your library to eLabJournal

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Sample Batch Update

Our Sample Batch Update add-on lets you handle up to 200 samples at once.  Increase productivity by updating batches of samples from your Sample List.

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Sample Check-out

The Sample Check-out add-on lets you check in/out samples in your ELN to keep better track of the moment of samples from storage locations.  Available

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