Barcode Automation

With the Barcode Automation add-on, you have the option to configure and generate barcodes to perform sample update actions by scanning a barcode. 

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Barcode Import

The Barcode Import add-on is an extension of the Sample Batch Import add-on. This enables linking an external barcode to a sample. After importing a

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Compartment Barcode

The Compartment Barcode add-on lets you link your (externally generated) barcode to a storage compartment. After scanning a linked barcode, the Inventory Browser will automatically

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Eppendorf RackScan

The greater number of samples you have, the less you want to manually scan every individual vial for CryoStorage. With this add-on, you can integrate

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Sample Batch Update

Increase productivity when handling up to 200 samples at once with our Sample Batch Import add-on. Sample Batch Update even lets you import data from

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Sample Check-out

With the Sample Check-out add-on, you can keep track of which samples are getting checked in or out from a storage location. Available for use

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Sample Lineage

With the Sample Lineage add-on, you can visualize the lineage tree of your samples. Available for use with eLabJournal and eLabInventory.   

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Sample Parent

With the Sample Parent add-on, you can extend the functionality to track the parent or source of a sample. When editing a sample, the option

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Scan to ELN

Improve efficiency by linking barcodes labeled in the ELN with a barcode scanner. With the Scan to ELN add-on, the option to add samples to

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