Microsoft Office Online Server

The Microsoft Office Online Server (OOS) add-on offers seamless integration for working on MS Excel, Word, and PowerPoint without needing to install the software on your local computer. This add-on allows you to view, create, and update files directly within eLabJournal. Any changes made on files are saved automatically. 

Microsoft Office Online Server (OOS) integration is available for all supported deployment types of eLabNext. This includes Shared CloudPrivate Cloud, and On-Premises installations.

OOS is an optional add-on that requires a valid Microsoft Office365 license. Only users with a valid license are eligible to use this add-on.

  • The OOS add-on is available in the marketplace as a paid add-on.
  • Shared Cloud Hosting: Existing customers on Shared Cloud Hosting with an existing license plan, which includes the use of Microsoft OOS, can install the add-on without any additional fees.
  • Private Cloud or On-Premises: Existing customers on Private Cloud or On-Premises Hosting Solutions that use MS OOS may contact us to receive this add-on without any additional fee. On-Premises may be required to update their OOS to the latest version. 
  • If your license plan currently doesn’t include Microsoft OOS, Contact Us for more information.
  • If your lab is not yet using eLab but would like to try the add-on, sign up for our free 30-day trial.

Please refer to the Microsoft Product Terms or contact Microsoft directly to verify whether your organization license covers the use of Office Online Server in your organisation.

If your lab or organization does not have a Microsoft Office365 license, eLabNext offers licensing to Microsoft for an additional charge in the license plan. In addition to the Microsoft License, hosting and support of the OOS server are included in the add-on price.

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