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ImmunoMind (graduated from UC Berkeley SkyDeck) helps companies and medical centres design and produce safer and more effective CAR-T and other Cell Therapies, leveraging a proprietary multi-omics database of immune cells and AI. This collaboration connects eLabNext users to the ImmunoMind platform and enhances reporting in eLabJournal by using results from multi-omics-driven drug development and manufacturing.

The ImmunoMind add-on identifies both cell subpopulations (e.g. Tscm, Tcm, Tem, Treg, NK, gdT cells) and their characteristics (e.g. exhaustion, senescence, activation) to create a comprehensive profile of CAR-T and other Cell Therapy products.

  • The profile can help select the most effective design and dosage for CAR-T, improve QC and SOP to select T-cell subsets (such as Tscm and T-cell precursors), assess exhaustion and persistence of CAR-T cells in vitro and in vivo, and more.
  • The platform supports Go/No-Go decision-making and reduces the risk of immunotherapy development and manufacturing.

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