DYMO Label Writer

***UPDATE: At the beginning of 2022, DYMO officially discontinued the LabelWriter 450 series of printers. Due to compatibility issues with the drivers and labels used by DYMO’s 550 series, eLabNext has been forced to discontinue future updates to the DYMO
LabelWriter add-on in the Marketplace and will end support for label printing on DYMO-brand devices in 2023.

The current version of the DYMO LabelWriter add-on will remain available in the
Marketplace for customers who have already installed it. While the add-on is still live,
eLabNext will continue to provide support where possible for the existing features.

In the meantime, we strongly recommend that any labs using a DYMO printer consider
transitioning to one of eLabNext’s other support printing solutions, such as the ZPL
Printer or FLUICS Print add-ons***

With the DYMO LabelWriter add-on, you can use your DYMO LabelWriter to print labels with 2D barcodes generated for samples, sample series, storage compartments, storage units, and devices.

This add-on is available for use in eLabJournal and eLabInventory. 

Step 1) After selecting the sample you want to create a label for, click ‘Label’.

dymo labelwriter

Step 2) Select ‘Label Type’, then ‘Print’. 

dymo labelwriter


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