Modicus Prime specialises in the creation of custom AI/ML solutions for life science data based on the parameters set by your life science laboratory. Their self-service AI Particle Classification tool, mpVision, solve challenges in anomaly detection, monitoring, and enhanced decision-making.

mpVision Add-on Features

  • Particle Detection and Image Quality Control. The Image Quality Control panel gives end users complete control over detected and self-labelled particles. End-users determine the sensitivity of the particle detection algorithm, offering broad applicability across control runs, DOE’s, medical devices, commercial processes, and much more.
  • Image Labeler. Customize particle labelling for AI training to enable the self-identification and self-labelling of particles in each image. Training data is generated for new particle identities with the Image Labeler Interface.
  • AI Processing. Automated processing pipelines are provided for AI Training and AI Inference. The AI Training interface provides a real-time update on the neural network’s learning trajectory. AI Inference classifies particles on unseen data, allowing the end-user to choose from the library of their self-trained models.
  • Analytics Reporting and Visualization. The particle statistics and classification results are compiled in the Reporting Interface. Additional reporting format options (including CSV and PDF) may be generated. Customizable client-driven visualizations are provided for desired data insights. Examples include comparisons between medical devices or production sites for scale-down analysis.

How to get started

Step 1) After installing the add-on in your eLabJournal account, upload images of particulates ranging from biologics to crystals. 

Step 2) Train the AI to identify its unique image content. 

Step 3) You’re left with real-time processing of any image data for a more comprehensive understanding of sample content.

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