Modicus Prime

Optimise your image-processing power with this AI-powered tool from Modicus Prime

Modicus Prime specializes in the creation of custom AI/ML solutions for life science data based on the parameters set by your life science laboratory. Their self-service AI Particle Classification tool, mpVision, solve challenges in anomaly detection, monitoring, and enhanced decision making.

Modicus Prime UI

mpVision add-on features:

  • Particle Detection and Image Quality Control. The Image Quality Control panel gives end users complete control over both detected and self-labelled particles. End-users determine the sensitivity of the particle detection algorithm, offering wide applicability across control runs, DOE’s, medical devices, commercial processes, and much more.
  • Image Labeler. Customize particle labelling for AI training to enable the self-identification and self-labelling of particles in each image. Training data is generated for new particle identities with the Image Labeler Interface.
  • AI Processing. Automated processing pipelines are provided for AI Training and AI Inference. The AI Training interface provides a real-time update on the neural network’s learning trajectory. AI Inference classifies particles on unseen data, giving the end-user the option to choose from the library of their self-trained models.
  • Analytics Reporting and Visualization. The particle statistics and classification results are compiled in the Reporting Interface. Additional reporting format options (including CSV and PDF) may be generated. Customizable client-driven visualizations are provided for desired data insights. Examples include comparisons between medical devices or production sites for scale-down analysis.

How to get started:

Step 1) After installing the add-on in your eLabJournal account, upload images of particulates ranging from biologics to crystals.

Modicus Prime UI


Step 2) Train the AI to identify their unique image content.

Modicus Prime UI


Step 3) What you’re left with is real-time processing of any image data for a more comprehensive understanding of sample content.

Modicus Prime UI  


The Modicus Prime add-on is available free of charge in the eLab Marketplace.

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