Modern scientists in a digital lab environment always look for new ways to optimise their workflow and increase efficiency. One way to do this is by using voice assistants to multitask, take notes and do side tasks more efficiently. ASCENSCIA is a highly specialised voice assistant explicitly designed for scientists. It understands scientific terminologies and can reduce the workload for scientists working in laboratories by taking care of side tasks during experimental workflows and, at the same time, keeping you connected with the eLabNext platform in the lab.

With ASCENSCIA as your voice assistant, your lab will have…

  • 30% reduction in admin time
  • 40% improvement in data collection quality
  • Increase productivity by 20% due to automated operations
  • Decreased human error rates
  • A monthly savings of up to $2000USD per scientist

To use ASCENSCIA, ask it to…

  • Guide you through experimental procedures step-by-step
  • Take notes by voice and send them directly to experiments in eLabNext
  • Locate and find samples in the lab

ASCENSCIA is always ready to help and make your laboratory work more accessible.

Scientists in the lab can use voice assistants to save time and optimize workflow. Voice assistants can help with tasks such as dictating and transcribing notes, performing calculations, organizing and sharing data, keeping track of tasks, and finding information.

How to start using ASCENSCIA

Download the free app from your preferred mobile app store (Android, iOS) and connect to eLabJournal. Visit ASCENSCIA to learn more.

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