Overcoming Imposter Syndrome with the Right Lab Tools

By Jim St.Pierre 4 min read 09 Nov 2023

Pharma labs are getting AI-ready to stay ahead of the curve

In this Nature article, Bayer shares how they are prepping for a future where algorithms control many elements of research and production.

By eLabNext
5 min read 12 Dec 2022

Biotech innovators benefit from connective software

Digital lab platforms that enhance collaboration between chemists, biologists and informaticians are becoming the norm in a post-pandemic world.

By eLabNext
5 min read 25 Oct 2022

The digital lab: in search of leaner, greener operations

Short-term thinking might see labs stumble on the first steps of their digital journey, but done right, the digitalization process can transform the efficiency, quality and sustainability of operations.

By eLabNext
5 min read 21 Jul 2022

How to make the most of AI in biopharma research

In the realm of AI, data is king. Algorithm performance strongly depends on the quality of both the training data and the experimental results subsequently fed into it.

By eLabNext
5 min read 20 Jun 2022

The digital transformation: How can labs embrace digitalization?

More labs are making the transition from paper-based processes to advanced digital solutions, which has led to more scientists embracing the digital era.

By eLabNext
11 min read 13 Jun 2022

Integrating artificial intelligence with digital laboratory tools to revolutionize life sciences

“With the help of AI augmenting researchers’ domain expertise, biotechs have the opportunity to systematically address the unmet health needs of millions.”

By eLabNext
6 min read 16 May 2022

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