Ultimate Guide for Lab Data Management

By eLabNext 23 min read 10 Feb 2024

How to Increase Your Lab’s Walkaway Time

Learn how to optimize workflows, monitor and maintain equipment, create failover systems, manage data effectively, and strategically implement a digital lab strategy.

By Zareh Zurabyan
4 min read 22 Aug 2023

How to Choose the Right ELN to Survive a Cyber Attack

Discover how cyber attacks impact life science organisations and explore essential strategies for securing data with the right Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) choice.

By Gabriela Sanchez
5 min read 15 Aug 2023

The Life Scientist’s Guide to Building a Successful Biofoundry

Learn essential steps including infrastructure building, strategic spending, regulatory compliance, collaboration culture, tech adaptation, data strategy, and more.

By Zareh Zurabyan
6 min read 14 Aug 2023

Sample Strategy: A New Perspective on Lab Operations

Learn how to elevate sample management to the core of your laboratory, ensuring data integrity and future-proofing your operations.

By Zareh Zurabyan
4 min read 08 Aug 2023

Digital Lab Strategy: A Comprehensive Guide to Master Lab Digitalisation and Influence Innovation

Companies in the life sciences often discuss Business Strategy and R&D Strategy, focusing primarily on…

By Zareh Zurabyan
6 min read 01 Aug 2023

Safe and Efficient Storage of Chemical and Virus Samples

Learn how to prevent accidents, ensure personal safety, protect public health, and see how eLabNext can help.

By Chris Austin
5 min read 27 Jul 2023

3 Tips for Navigating the Biotech Venture Capital Funding Landscape: Current Trends and Future Outlook

Explore the impact of AI on the industry, how it’s shaping venture capital investments, current trends, and the outlook for the future.

By Frederik Milling Frederiksen
4 min read 20 Jul 2023

The Digital Era for Research Operations and Management Has Arrived. Here’s Why. 

Explore the benefits of electronic lab notebooks (ELNs) and digital lab platforms in enhancing efficiency, data management, collaboration, and compliance.

By Ramzi Abbassi
6 min read 13 Jul 2023

Employee’s Freezer Accident Results in Loss of 25 Years of Research Samples: Lab Safety Rules and Procedure

Discover the importance of digitalisation in protecting laboratories against unpredictable events and minimising the impact of sample and data loss.

By Zareh Zurabyan
3 min read 30 Jun 2023

How to Build, Manage, and Analyze Your Plasmid Library

Learn more about the common plasmids used in the life science space and best practices for building, maintaining, managing, and storing a plasmid library.

By Zareh Zurabyan
3 min read 27 Jun 2023

Building an Operating System (OS) for Today’s Life Science Lab

Learn more about the basics and benefits of lab automation and the existing limitations of today’s lab automation ecosystem from Genie Life Sciences.

By Paul Berning
7 min read 21 Jun 2023

Solving Laboratories’ Decentralized Data Problem

In this article, we explore seven key issues with decentralized data, including data integrity, security, accessibility, standardization, and more.

By Zareh Zurabyan
2 min read 08 Jun 2023

The Beginner’s Guide to Managing an Antibody Collection

Here are the top providers of antibodies in the biological R&D space, their primary applications in research, and best practices for managing a collection of antibodies.

By Zareh Zurabyan
7 min read 01 Jun 2023

Como a digitização pode otimizar os laboratórios na América Latina

Do caderno de anotações ao software de gerenciamento, a migração do papel ao digital é global, e acontece em todas as áreas. 

By eLabNext
4 min read 18 May 2023

How to Choose Between an ELN and a LIMS for Life Science Research

Curious about the differences between ELN and LIMS? Gain valuable insights to help you navigate your selection process & find the ideal solution for your lab.

By eLabNext
5 min read 11 May 2023

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