To Succeed in Biopharma R&D: Information Flows and Planning Ahead

By Simon Delagrave, PhD 4 min read 13 Jun 2024

Navigating the Lab Notebook Dilemma: Paper vs. Electronic in Modern Research

Discover the ongoing debate between paper and ELNs in research institutions, weighing the simplicity and tangibility of paper against the efficiency and collaboration-enhancing features of ELNs.

By Chris Austin
4 min read 18 Mar 2024

This Incubator is Tackling “Tough Tech”: An Interview with The Engine

Discover the cutting-edge world of Tough Tech as we delve into an insightful interview with The Engine, an incubator for biotech startups.

By Zareh Zurabyan
7 min read 14 Mar 2024

The Benefits of Hiring an ELN Consultant

Unlock the full potential of Electronic Lab Notebooks (ELNs) with insights from our latest article on the benefits of hiring an ELN Consultant.

By Rebecca De Souza
5 min read 12 Mar 2024

The Sample Barcoding Boom in Biotech

Explore the advantages of barcoding biological samples and integrating with laboratory sample management software for efficient tracking

By Chris Austin
3 min read 28 Feb 2024

Understanding the New Data Sharing Requirements for NIH Grants. And How eLabJournal Can Help.

Ensure compliance with data privacy laws and seamlessly incorporate digitalisation into your lab operations while aligning with NIH grant guidelines.

By Jim St.Pierre
3 min read 22 Feb 2024

Revolutionising Seed and Plant Sample Management with Digital Solutions

Seeds and plants represent the foundation of agricultural and ecological studies, acting as reservoirs of genetic diversity. Learn how Digital Solutions can revolutionise this industry of research.

By Chris Austin
3 min read 15 Feb 2024

Ultimate Guide for Lab Data Management

Discover the critical importance of Lab Data Management in safeguarding sensitive patient information, research data, and intellectual property. Learn how eLabNext provides a comprehensive solution with its secure, scalable, and ISO 27001-certified digital lab platform.

By eLabNext
23 min read 10 Feb 2024

I Have an Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN)… Now What?

Master the basics, explore collaboration tools, and maximise your ELN’s potential with integrations and add-ons.

By Alisha Simmons
2 min read 08 Feb 2024

From Client to Team Member: An Interview with eLabNext Evangelist Ramzi Abbassi, Ph.D.

Join Ramzi as he shares his experiences, insights, and the future of lab digitalisation, offering a unique perspective from both sides of the equation.

By eLabNext
6 min read 06 Feb 2024

The Growing Need for Centralised Lab Data in Agri-Tech

Don’t let decentralised data hinder your agri-tech lab’s growth. Explore eLabNext’s digital lab platform for better R&D.

By Jonathan Amadio
2 min read 01 Feb 2024

Extending the Digital Lab Platform with eLabNext Developer: The scalable and future-proof digital lab solution for R&D life science labs

We’re excited to introduce the launch of eLabNext Developer, an add-on development platform for our users.

By Wouter de Jong
2 min read 18 Jan 2024

Avoiding Legal Complications Through Lab Digitalisation

Dive into the risks associated with un-digitalised operations, including data security concerns, documentation challenges, data management issues, and compliance hurdles.

By Zareh Zurabyan
4 min read 11 Jan 2024

How to Organise Your Lab Space Using Inventory Management Software and Lean Sigma 5S

By embracing the 5S program and leveraging inventory management software, you can start your journey towards a more organised, efficient, and productive lab today.

By eLabNext
4 min read 14 Dec 2023

Unlocking the Future of Medicine: The Significance of Stem Cells and Organoids in Modern Science

Discover how eLabNext can enhance your stem cell and organoid research, documentation, and sample storage through a personalised demonstration.

By Chris Austin
3 min read 07 Dec 2023

How to Implement an Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) in an Existing Lab

Follow these step-by-step guidelines to evaluate your lab’s needs, choose the right ELN, set it up, train your team, and maintain a streamlined digital lab platform.

By eLabNext
4 min read 30 Nov 2023

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