To Succeed in Biopharma R&D: Information Flows and Planning Ahead

By Simon Delagrave, PhD 4 min read 13 Jun 2024

How to Choose the Right Laboratory Information Management System for Your Lab

Learn how to choose the right laboratory information management system platform for your lab. Discover key features, benefits and practical tips.

By eLabNext
9 min read 17 May 2024

Revolutionising Scientific Research: The Power of Voice Assistants in Lab Digitisation

Discover how integrating voice technology with electronic lab notebooks (ELNs) streamlines workflows, minimises errors, and accelerates R&D.

By Ahmed Khalil
4 min read 16 May 2024

Our Guide to Mastering Lab Sample Management

Discover expert tips on enhancing lab sample management and learn how digital solutions can help to boost efficiency while minimising errors

By eLabNext
7 min read 14 May 2024

Digitising Your Lab, One Sample at a Time

From inventory assessment to quality control measures, learn how to digitise your lab effectively, one sample at a time.

By Zareh Zurabyan
4 min read 09 May 2024

Lab Management Fundamentals: Our Ultimate Guide to Success

Explore the essentials of lab management with our guide. Learn roles, skills, and how digital tools like eLabJournal and eLabInventory enhance efficiency.

By eLabNext
9 min read 07 May 2024

How to Get the Most from Your Lab Procedures

In this blog, we explore the essentials of lab protocols and SOPs. Discover how digital lab solutions can help you to write more effective lab procedures.

By eLabNext
8 min read 03 May 2024

Benefits and Drawbacks of Generative AI in Biotech

Explore the benefits and drawbacks of integrating generative AI into biotech research and development.

By Zareh Zurabyan
9 min read 02 May 2024

Expand Laboratory Digitalisation through Digital Transformation with eLabNext Developer 

Improve the efficiency of your laboratory environment through digitalisation with eLabNext digital lab solutions. 

By Wouter de Jong
2 min read 25 Apr 2024

Biotech Software: To Build or Not to Build, That is the Question…

Explore the evolution of biotech software trends and uncover the advantages of subscribing to biotech SaaS platforms.

By Zareh Zurabyan
9 min read 18 Apr 2024

Managing and Mapping the Data: Hurdles, Impacts & Solutions

Discover the hurdles, impacts, and solutions in managing diverse data types in life science and biotech laboratories.

By Zareh Zurabyan
4 min read 11 Apr 2024

Best Practices for Lab Inventory Management 

Discover how to streamline lab operations, enhance sample tracking, and take the headache out of procurement with advanced lab inventory management systems.

By eLabNext
6 min read 10 Apr 2024

How to Manage Lab Operations

Discover how digital lab solutions are transforming lab operations by enhancing data management, sample tracking, and more. Explore the future of efficient, reliable lab workflows.

By eLabNext
8 min read 09 Apr 2024

Developing Custom Solutions With eLabNext Add-ons

A short guide to developing custom add-ons for eLabNext, covering essential steps such as enabling Developer mode and utilising SDK and API methods.

By Tigran Sargsyan
7 min read 02 Apr 2024

Health Checks: The Key to Customer and Lab Success

Learn how eLabNext utilises impact-driven metrics and assessments to optimize digital operations, enhance customer satisfaction, and achieve lab digitization goals effectively.

By Ethan Sagin
4 min read 28 Mar 2024

How to Smoothly Transition from a Limiting and Problematic ELN/LIMS

Discover the transformative power of a Sample and Digital Strategy, and follow our 5 easy steps to prep for a seamless ELN/LIMS transition.

By Zareh Zurabyan
4 min read 21 Mar 2024

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