building your digital lab
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Building your digital lab

50:17 29 Sep 2022

Lab digitisation and workflow management


Learn more about the elevating power of lab digitisation for managing your workflows and optimising collaborative efforts with colleagues.

1:17:21 04 May 2021

Lab digitization and future of digital sustainability


What makes software Future Proof and Digital Sustainability? Role of AI in the future of Biotechnology.

1:26:21 04 May 2021

LIMS vs ELNs–What’s right for your lab?


Learn about the differences between an ELN and LIMs, how to choose the best for your lab, and the advantages of implementing an ELN.

08:02 08 Mar 2021

The problem with cryostorage


Watch this webinar to learn more about the most common problems with cryostorage and how to solve them with the proper inventory management system.

19:01 08 Mar 2021

New biobanking tools for ELNs


Learn more about possible biobanking challenges in sample management and how ELN biobanking tools can help eliminate those problems.

14:35 11 Jan 2021

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