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We often find ourselves in chaos: “Where is my key? Did I shut the fume hood? Is the PCR cycler due for maintenance again? I missed my bus home – let’s order an Uber.” The good news is that nowadays, many digital tools can help us manage our private life more easily and increase our products efficiently and sustainably. Your lab life and, thus, your research projects can benefit from many new digital solutions to save time and money and avoid headaches.

Have you ever thought about the impact of digital tools on your digital health? As new technologies emerge, they shape a more reliable way to manage data and people in the lab; however, they must be selected and implemented intelligently. In this webinar, we focus on the benefits of a connected digital laboratory and discuss why every lab should invest in connected digital solutions to enhance data integrity, increase efficiency and save money.

Key takeaways from the webinar:

  • What is digital health in the laboratory?
  • How does your lab benefits from investing in connected digital tools?
  • How can you avoid disconnected data siloes?
  • What should you consider while selecting digital tools?
  • What solutions are currently available for your lab?


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