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Introducing the Digital Lab Platform: What it is and Why it Beats One-Dimensional Software Solutions

By Zareh Zurabyan 3 min read 09 Mar 2023

Digitizing your lab’s information can be transformative, improving your efficiency, data quality, and security. We’ve written extensively about how to make this transition, the benefits, and the key considerations for choosing one of the many open-source or commercially available software tools. 

In the life sciences, these tools go by different names: There are laboratory information management systems (LIMS), electronic laboratory notebooks (ELNs), environmental monitoring systems (for freezers and incubators), documentation management systems (DMS), electronic data capture (EDC) systems, equipment management software, sample labelling systems, electronic document management system (EDMS), electronic records management system, electronic lab management system (ELMS), laboratory record book (LRB), scientific data management system (SDMS), Molecular Biology Suites, chemical drawing software, and many others. 

These platforms each make distinct yet interrelated laboratory tasks easier. Depending on what you want your lab to do better, faster, or more cost-effective, you may use one or several of them to enable your transformative digital journey.

It’s Time to Evolve Beyond the “One-Trick Pony” Platform

But what if there was a flexible, multi-dimensional solution that could navigate every step of the journey with you? Grow with you as your operations grow and need change.

At eLabNext, we’ve created a system that does just that, integrating all of the “one-trick pony” software tools mentioned above into a single, easy-to-use platform that can expand its functionality to fit your needs.

We call it the Digital Lab Platform.

What is a Digital Lab Platform?

At the core of eLabNext’s Digital Lab Platform is an ELN, inventory and sample tracking system, and protocol manager, integrated for more efficient information storage and management. 

But what’s truly unique about eLabNext’s platform is our eLabMarketplace, where you can incorporate proprietary, modular Add-Ons. Think of it as the App Store on your iPhone, a central hub where you can customise how you perform laboratory tasks and manage information.

The eLabMarketplace contains a library of available Add-Ons. We are constantly improving our collection, updating it with the latest and greatest life science applications for biobanking, productivity, reporting, and more. You also have the option to integrate any 3rd party software or build your own Add-On, giving your Digital Lab Platform nearly limitless ways to personalise your performance. 

Benefit #1: Future-Proofed Operations

With the ability to expand functionality at will, your Digital Lab Platform is future-proof, poised for innovation and growth.

This feature turns the disjointed digital tools we use daily into a cohesive unit: One Digital Lab Platform to govern all others. 

It also enables you to harness the powerful and ever-evolving world of computational life sciences. For example, we have recently introduced several AI-powered Add-Ons for image, single-cell, and multi-omics analysis to the eLabMarkeplace platform. Scientists no longer need to utilise multiple programs to grapple with challenging datasets but instead use one cohesive workflow within a single Digital Lab Platform.

Benefit #2: Comprehensive Data Security

Being the premier digital lab platform comes with great responsibility.

That’s why we have an 8-fold replication of your data across multiple geographically dispersed data centres. Our fully redundant set of servers is fault-tolerant, so even in the rare event that a complete data centre blackout occurs, it won’t stop you from accessing our digital lab platform and your valuable data.

Benefit #3: API and SDK Technical Support

Even though our API and SDK are easy to use, our team of experienced developers is ready to help you get started. Our life science and IT experts are also more than happy to assist with brainstorming about your great product or services as part of the eLabNext Digital Lab Platform.

Experience a Better Path to Lab Digitization

Digital Lab Platforms can be the foundation of your company’s humble beginnings or a pillar of your global operations. We invite everyone from well-established companies to newly minted startups to implement eLabNext’s Digital Lab Platform and define a better digital strategy. 

Interested in seeing if eLabNext can serve your lab? 

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