Zareh Zurabyan

Head of eLabNext, Americas, Eppendorf Group

Ex-biochemist, Harvard Alum, and Painter

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Zareh Zurabyan (known as "Z" in the industry), a former biochemist/microbiologist and lab manager in the biofuels and bioenergy industry, has dedicated his career to improving human health by systematically assisting research and development-based innovations to be successfully implemented in Life Sciences. Currently working as the Head of eLabNext, Eppendorf Group. he has been responsible for the development and management of Digital Lab Strategy, experimental design and the cultivation of augmented research data which has impacted accelerated development of therapeutics that we use today. Zareh's focus on Digital Health, specializing in Digital and Business Strategy for labs through Lab Digitization, product innovation, implementation of AI/ML tools and building sustainable infrastructure for laboratories, has facilitated the efficient, compliant, and secure development of therapeutics as well as aided the healthcare system to improve human conditions in hospitals across the globe. Zareh is also a consultant to early-stage SaaS biotech start-ups, specifically for market entry strategy and building sustainable business operations He also consults in post-acquisition alignment, funding, team and product development, and people management.

Areas of expertise

Lab and Company Digital Strategy

Software and Product Implementation

Data Science Prep (AI/ML)

Workflow Optimization

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Employee’s Freezer Accident Results in Loss of 25 Years of Research Samples: Lab Safety Rules and Procedure

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How to Build, Manage, and Analyze Your Plasmid Library

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Solving Laboratories’ Decentralized Data Problem

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The Beginner’s Guide to Managing an Antibody Collection

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7 Great Leadership Qualities to Drive Your Lab’s Digital Transformation

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GxP Regulatory Guidelines – GLP and GMP Compliance for Electronic Laboratory Notebooks (ELNs): A Powerful Primer

Complying with GxP compliance guidelines requires rigorous documentation, but unregulated environments can have detrimental effects.

7 min read 17 Jan 2023

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