Zareh Zurabyan

Head of eLabNext, Americas, Eppendorf Group

Ex-biochemist, Harvard Alum, and Painter

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Zareh, often called "Z", is a former biochemist researcher in biofuels and bioenergy. He has dedicated his career to improving human health by successfully implementing research and development-based innovations in the lab. In his current role, Z helps laboratories improve their digital health by implementing digital and business strategies, such as AI/ML tools, a sustainable infrastructure, compliance, security, and more. He is a consultant for SaaS biotech start-ups specifically for market entry, building a sustainable business operation for internal team management, and developing brand, marketing, and sales pipelines. He consults in post-acquisition alignment and team and product development.

Areas of expertise

Lab and Company Digital Strategy

Software and Product Implementation

Data Science Prep (AI/ML)

Workflow Optimization

10 Actionable Steps for Using AI in Your Research Lab

As more and more labs and organisations dip their toes into AI algorithm implementation, ensuring clear documentation, reporting, and analysis is critical.

6 min read 23 Mar 2023

10 Reasons You Should Digitise Your Lab Operations

Now more than ever, life scientists use digital tools to speed up timelines, work in a decentralised way, and keep data secure.

4 min read 20 Mar 2023

Introducing the Digital Lab Platform: What it is and Why it Beats One-Dimensional Software Solutions

It’s time to evolve beyond the “one-trick pony” platform and experience a better path to lab digitization.

3 min read 09 Mar 2023

Top 6 Questions for Choosing the Right Biobanking LIMS Software

Choosing the appropriate platform for your needs can positively impact your biobanking operations. Therefore, it’s vital to ask critical questions when evaluating biobanking LIMS providers. 

5 min read 14 Feb 2023

6 Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) Adoption Barriers and How to Overcome Them

The consequences of not modernising your life science operations can be dire: Your lab or organisation may lose data, protocols, or samples, and ultimately lead to reproducibility issues.

8 min read 02 Feb 2023

GLP and GMP Compliance for Electronic Laboratory Notebooks (ELNs): A Powerful Primer

Complying with GxP compliance guidelines requires rigorous documentation, but unregulated environments can have detrimental effects.

6 min read 17 Jan 2023

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