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The quality of your sample management software plays a critical role in the quality of research your life science lab produces.

Every day in the lab, researchers are required to manage large quantities of samples–among various types–stored in a number of compartments in a range of sample storage units. It’s not difficult to imagine that improper sample and inventory tracking software can make the daily workflow hectic.

Lab sample management systems go beyond the typical LIMS and provide additional features to elevate your inventory tracking system. The contents below highlight details surrounding sample management as well as the characteristics that make up an ideal solution.

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Why do we need quality sample management software in the lab?

  • Lower freezer costs
  • Lower waste
  • Greater efficiency

It is nearly impossible to have a thorough visual of your sample storage space without proper sample management software. Without this visualization, you spend more time trying to track down samples–leading to an increased amount of time freezer doors are kept open. The longer freezer doors are kept open, the higher costs become to keep the temperature low. This can put a strain on your freezer compressor. Another issue is frost buildup covering labels which make them difficult to read, and therefore, difficult to find.

All of these factors lead to an endless cycle of inefficiency and waste. Unnecessary stress is put on the researcher whose focus should be kept solely on producing quality and accurate research.

Lab sample management goes beyond LIMS

Relating to software functionalities, modern laboratories require flexible and advanced software that can handle a plethora of roles such as:

  • Managing much larger quantities of samples among many sample types
  • Keeping a thorough and organized record of all inventory data
  • Allowing complete customisation of storage units and sample templates

The introduction of LIMS–lab information management systems–decades ago enabled research labs to boost their efficiency and productivity. With the software, researchers better managed the inventory stored in their labs and provided better support for teams in their collaborative workflows.

In the modern life science lab, however, the functionalities of LIMS fall short simply due mainly to the greater demands of the modern world. Advanced sample management goes beyond LIMS by enabling greater levels of workflow automation, software and hardware integration, usability, and security.

What makes an ideal software solution?

  • Easily configurable sample locations + sample types. An ideal sample management solution allows users to mirror the lab while enabling storage space placement efficiency. By placing different samples types within the same box, researchers can eliminate any partially-filled boxes.
  • Integrated barcode & ID labeling. Customise the exact information needed on sample labels while easily (and automatically) inputting that data into your software.
  • Full lab visualisation & intuitive tracking of samples. Get a full visualisation of the contents of your freezer to better know what is in the freezer. In turn, this would reduce both search time and energy costs.
  • Reliable track & trace. Establish reliable tracking with detailed location labels, unique QR codes, and custom sample information. Record a full audit trail to comply with strict guidelines. Know who has accessed each sample, what actions have been performed, timestamps, and more.

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