The New Enhanced LaB Execution add-on improves protocol execution and enables simplified documentation

1 min read 07 Nov 2022

Brought to you by Eppendorf and eLabNext

eLabNext digital lab platform users may now benefit from the Enhanced LaB Execution add-on, which is now available and free to install from the eLab Marketplace. The Enhanced LaB Execution add-on is designed to reduce procedural errors and increase consistency and traceability across multiple users and samples.  

Seamless documentation in the digital age 

Complete traceability of the protocols carried out, and seamless documentation of laboratory processes is paramount to ensuring an efficient and productive laboratory environment. Who in the laboratory is not regularly faced with time-consuming documentation of laboratory processes? Handwritten, loose-leaf protocols that are kept in a lab notebook impede reproducibility. Even today, more and more scientists are saving their experimental data in an electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) instead of using traditional paper lab notebooks. Switching to digital formats has brought many advantages, such as saving time—but there is much more to it, and we are bringing it to you. 

Make workflows work for you 

The Enhanced LaB Execution add-on offers scalable, pre-configured protocol templates and the option to customize using an intuitive drag-and-drop creation system. Converting your existing protocols into Enhanced LaB Execution format is simple and easy with the customised protocol service. 

The customisable plate designer and the guided step-by-step workflow execution ensure reproducible results, comparability, and traceability across multiple users and samples. Automated documentation provides user, sample and instrument data to improve lab efficiency and data quality for routinely executed workflows. Enhanced LaB Execution integrates seamlessly into a section of an experiment within eLabJournal and can be combined with other eLabJournal sections (text, image, table, etc.). In addition, any eLabJournal experiment containing Enhanced LaB Execution sections may be signed and used to tag/link colleagues via the comment function. 

Enhanced LaB Execution ELBE

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Enhanced LaB Execution Press Release Document

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