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Pipsqueak Pro Now Integrated with eLabNext Digital Lab Platform

1 min read 26 Sep 2022

eLabNext and biotech start-up, Rewire Neuro, Inc., announce their new platform integration Pipsqueak Pro. The Pipsqueak Pro add-on integrates the platform to eLabJournal to accelerate image analysis capabilities, improve detection, and eliminate human error through automated machine learning (ML).

Pipsqueak Pro Press Release Document

Pipsqueak Pro was born in the lab–developed by scientists to rapidly speed up manual image analysis, cellular quantification, and multi-channel (colocalization) analysis for both image and video media. The platform uses a patented machine learning system to improve your ROI predictions with minimal user input. Their AutoML™ process customizes the AI’s detection capabilities to your needs and improves your lab’s analysis workflow.

Utilizing AI in the Research Environment

Research and discovery groups must embrace automation and machine learning for redundant, tedious work that clogs up the lab’s workflow. Free up your team to conduct high-value work like writing grants, publishing articles, and improving the quality of scientific discovery. Creating an environment where specific processes are automated empowers research professionals to focus on tasks that cannot be easily replicated by computers while improving the efficiency and productivity of the lab.

Why Choose Pipsqueak Pro

  • Customized Cell Detection and Quantification. Using powerful AI models customized for you, Pipsqueak’s custom AI trainer automates cell detection capabilities to improve your specific image analysis’s speed, accuracy, and precision.

  • Secured Cloud-Based Processing. Your data is secure in the cloud-based storage system, and your custom models are exclusive to your lab’s use.

  • Streamlined Research and Development. By processing more data quickly and accurately, your lab may move on to answer more research questions and close the time gap between experiments.

How It Works

Using a single sign-on, eLabNext customers may upload their images directly to their digital lab notebook, run their analyses through the Pipsqueak Pro add-on, and export the annotated images and cellular measurements back into their journal.

> Would you like to try Pipsqueak Pro free for 30 days? Sign up for a Free Trial

Click above to sign up for a free 30-day trial. After your 30-day trial, eLabNext customers will receive a special discount: Purchase your Pipsqueak Pro Lab license for $1,999 after a 20% discount when you use the code “ELABNEXT” at checkout.

> Ready to expand your ELN with ML capabilities? Purchase Pipsqueak Pro License

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