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Implen NanoPhotometer: Now integrated with eLabNext

2 min read 27 Feb 2023

The NanoPhotometer family are microvolume spectrophotometers designed to measure single or multiple liquid samples of small volumes with high accuracy and precision. With the ability to measure as little as 0.3-2 µl of samples, researchers can save time and precious samples while ensuring accurate results.  

Implen NanoPhotometer Press Release Document

Seamless data flow 

Mistakes can easily happen when manually copying and pasting data, especially when dealing with large amounts of information. Automating this process can help eliminate the risk of human error and ensure data is accurately transferred to your Digital Lab Platform (DLP). The Implen NanoPhotometer add-on allows users to automatically store all measurement data from their connected NanoPhotometer(s) directly in eLabJournal. This add-on reduces procedural errors and increases consistency and traceability across multiple users and samples.  

The Implen NanoPhotometer add-on streamlines user workflows, making it easier to manage and analyse data. By having measurement data automatically transferred to eLabJournal, users can easily track and organise data over time. This can be especially beneficial for researchers and laboratory technicians who need to manage large amounts of data and track changes.  

By saving time, reducing the risk of errors, and providing a streamlined workflow, this add-on can help users efficiently manage and analyse data, ultimately leading to more accurate and reliable research results. 

What makes Implen NanoPhotometers unique 

The unique family of instruments offer a wide range of pre-programmed apps for scientists in research, education, development and quality control applications within universities, research institutions, biotech and pharma companies. 

They scan from 200 – 900 nm in less than three seconds, covering 1 – 16,500 ng/µl dsDNA concentrations or 0.03 – 478 mg/ml BSA. 

Automatic detection of contaminated samples ensures accurate results. Intuitive touchscreen operation, integrated vortex, simple pipette-measure-wipe-repeat workflow, small footprint and network integration for convenient lab bench operation. Recalibration-free patented technology–made in Germany. 

The Implen NanoPhotometer N120 scans up to 12 samples in just 20 seconds. Quantifying DNA, RNA, and proteins have never been faster. Increase your sample throughput and measure a 96-well plate in just 5 min. Less pipetting means fewer errors. 

The new Implen NanoPhotometer add-on is now available and free to install from the eLab Marketplace. Schedule a personal demo with the Implen team to test the add-on, or visit the Implen website to learn more about the technology. 


About Implen 

Implen is a privately held corporation leading supplier of spectroscopy instruments and consumables for the non-destructive analysis of ultra-low volume samples. The company focuses on biological, chemical, and pharmaceutical laboratories in industry and research. Implen strongly focuses on the customer, taking pride in providing quality products and high customer service to achieve total customer satisfaction.

For any questions, please contact Soeren Rowold at

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