Eppendorf integrates its ready-to-use protocols into eLabNext

1 min read 18 Apr 2022

eLabNext’s newest update integrates Eppendorf Short Protocols seamlessly into the eLab platform

Eppendorf short protocols contain detailed procedures that enable users to carry out a defined sequence using an Eppendorf instrument, like how to run a specific kit or perform a specific method. Typically, they consist of an introduction, a material and methods section which describes the equipment and materials used to carry out the method, a step-by-step description of the experiment procedures, and a summary of the desired or expected results.

These protocols can detail simple instructions, a lengthy procedural technique, and many steps in between. They will often provide tips and insights for getting the most out of your kits when working with an Eppendorf instrument. Short protocols should be used with the operating manual for an Eppendorf device and any manuals provided by material suppliers and manufacturers.

All eLab users may access these protocols from the Protocols section of their account.

eppendorf short protocols
eppendorf short protocols
eppendorf short protocols
eppendorf short protocols


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