eLabNext Mobile App is an extension of the eLab web application

Mobile App Features

  • Electronic Lab Notebook. With the Mobile App, you have access to your complete data. Navigate projects, studies, and experiments. Browse through the experiment sections to find the information you need. All data is intuitively visualised and provides direct links to all associated sample information in your ELN.
  • Activity stream. This feature provides a chronological list of the most recent events or actions. In the Scan History, you can access your scanned items, open samples, or make equipment bookings.
  • Access lab protocols. Access personal protocols or SOP’s already set up in the Web App. Change the experimental settings in dynamic protocols to customise your protocols in a few clicks. Execute the experimental procedure step-by-step, according to the desired experimental settings. 
  • Inventory barcode scanning. With the camera on your mobile device, you can scan barcodes of samples, sample series, storage compartments, and equipment. You may retrieve and view all sample information and archive or move samples to a different compartment.
  • Book devices. Scan the 2D barcode of all lab equipment to view existing bookings made by your colleagues or to reserve a device in the lab.
  • Sync images and notes. Take notes and images, then sync them from your mobile device to the Web App. 
  • Two-step verification. Add an additional layer of security to your account with two-step verification, also known as 2-factor authentication (2FA). Once activated, you will need to enter a 6-digit code after logging in with your username and password. The code is generated on the Mobile App and changes every minute. To make two-step verification easier to use, you will receive a push message to confirm your login request with the Mobile App. See how two-step verification works
  • Notifications. Stay up-to-date and informed about important events in the lab. Aside from system update notifications, you may set up notifications for signing/counter-signing requests for experiments or when consumables in the lab inventory are low in stock. 

Access your ELN right from your smartphone or tablet

eLabNext Mobile App is available for Android and iOS devices

Find the app in your app store.

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