Link research data of any format to your ELN with eLabWebEdit

Editing linked data in your ELN can be tedious due to security  measures (also known as the “sandbox”) employed by most browsers. The sandbox isolates the browser so that websites with malware are unable to infect your computer. As a result, your browser cannot directly interface with the programs installed on your computer, such as those used for analysing or editing data. 

What is eLabWebEdit?

eLabWebEdit is a program that works together with eLabJournal to provide a legitimate way out of the browser sandbox. The add-on provides a seamless interface for editing your files without the cumbersome process of manually downloading, renaming, and uploading them back in the ELN. Instead, you can just edit the file in the ELN. 

How the add-on works:

eLabWebEdit automatically downloads the file to your computer and opens the program associated with it. When you are finished, you can save the file and eLabWebEdit will upload it back to the experiment in the ELN the file is associated with. In eLabJournal, the file is stored as a new file version to maintain data integrity according to GLP compliance. 

Verified, compatible software applications:


eLabWebEdit enables compatibility with eLabJournal ELN of any research data format. For more information, read the user manual

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