eLabHybrid is a 21 CFR part 11 and GxP-compliant solution

Install eLabHybrid to benefit from the advantages of working in the cloud while offering an offline and compliant solution for storing large data files.

A drawback when working with cloud-based applications is that options for storing large data files are limited. Besides bandwidth bottleneck when uploading large files, storing large data sets in the cloud is costly.

Many research laboratories generate terabytes of data, such as life image microscopy, genomics, or proteomics research, that cannot be linked efficiently in a cloud-based ELN. A frequently used workaround solution for this problem is to store data files on a local server and refer to those files in the ELN. However, this solution is not compliant with 21 CFR part 11 and GxP, as files can be modified without updating the reference in the ELN.

With eLabHybrid, you can overcome this problem. Install eLabHybrid on a local server, and all files will automatically be stored on that local server while your eLabJournal remains hosted in the cloud. Once the file is uploaded in the ELN, eLABHybdrid and eLabJournal work seamlessly together to guarantee the file’s authenticity without transferring data over the internet. It’s even possible to disconnect eLabHybrid entirely from the internet without impacting usability on the local network.

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