Why are laboratories reluctant to choose cloud hosting?

A cloud-based ELN offers unparalleled access to your data from any device, anywhere in the world. With this in mind, there are still several limitations that deter labs from choosing cloud hosting.

  • Security. Some labs are opposed to storing their confidential or patient data in the cloud–fearing security risks. 
  • Issues with storing large data files. When working with cloud-based applications, there are limited options for storing large data files. 
  • Which result in increased loading time and higher costs. It is not uncommon for research laboratories to generate terabytes of data. The large quantity leads to longer loading times and increases costs to store in the cloud. 
  • Inefficient linking. For example, live cell imaging, genomics, or proteomics research cannot be linked efficiently in a cloud-based ELN.

What are possible solutions?

  • Link locally stored data to the ELN. A frequently used workaround for this problem is to store data files on a local server and refer to those files in the ELN. The issue with this, however, is that the process is no longer compliant with 21 CFR part 11 and GxP since files can be modified without updating the reference in the ELN. 
  • Use On-Premises installation. This is a good solution for storing large data files, but it doesn’t allow organisations to benefit from the advantages of a managed (hosted) cloud solution.
  • eLabHybrid. A hybrid approach using both eLabNext Cloud and local servers.

Stay compliant by linking files on a local server in a cloud ELN with eLabHybrid

With eLabHybrid, organisations can benefit from the advantages of working in the cloud while offering an offline and compliant solution for the storage of large data files. This add-on works seamlessly with eLabJournal to guarantee file authenticity without any transfer of data over the internet. It is even possible to disconnect eLabHybrid entirely from the internet without impacting usability on the local network. 

Getting started:

  1. Install eLabHybrid on a local server. eLabJournal remains hosted in the cloud.
  2. Upload files to your ELN. All files will be stored on that local server automatically.

eLabHybrid is a 21 CFR part 11 and GxP compliant solution

Files are stored locally and accessible in your ELN while guaranteeing file authenticity. The entire audit trail of any file modifications is logged automatically. eLabHybrid is available for both Cloud or Private Cloud installations.


Are you interested in using eLabHybrid? Contact Us for more information. 

For other possibilities of storing files locally, learn more about our On-Premises hosting solution.


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