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eLabNext and Sustainability

1 min read 25 Jul 2021

An electronic lab notebook (ELN) makes documenting experiments faster and more reliable. Implementing the necessary instruments means results are immediately recorded, while analyses and interpretation can be performed away from the lab. A sample management system reduces waste and eliminates lost samples and specimens. As a result, less laboratory space, tools, and time are needed and lost.

eLabNext helps our customers improve the sustainability of their bioscience laboratory operations by providing a seamless digital data management system in research, development, and education. We fully understand the contribution to carbon dioxide emissions, pollution, and other waste streams through energy, materials, labour and storage space consumption. In addition, we monitor and manage our performance on measures of sustainability.

Download our white paper “eLabNext and Sustainability” to learn about:

  • How eLabNext helps minimize your non-sustainable processes
  • How you can both help improve your research workflow and also the environment


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