All digital 3 - Evaluation checklist
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All Digital 3 – Evaluation Checklist

1 min read 01 Jun 2021

Based on our experiences with various labs and institutions and work with real scientists, we have compiled an evaluation checklist to help guide you in your digital process.

This checklist provides eight categorical steps and their value and importance to narrow down your choice of selecting a digital lab notebook to meet your needs. The goal is to understand your current situation better, what you want to achieve with adopting an ELN, and the necessary points you should consider.

Download our white paper All Digital 3–Evaluation Checklistto read more about:

  • How to better understand your organization and its needs
  • Setting up an ELN team for a smooth process
  • How to write a user requirement specification

If you’re interested in learning more about our mission to improve sustainability in research operations, check out our white paper “eLabNext and Sustainability”.


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