All Digital 1 - It's time to transition
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All Digital 1 – It’s Time to Transition

1 min read 03 Apr 2021

Combining digital data with paper lab notebooks–a recipe for failure

Merging paper notebooks and printed results with external hard drives and USB sticks are risky and inconvenient for managing your lab data. This hybrid, analogue-digital approach can be a recipe for disaster as digital data becomes more complicated and more extensive. Not only can it be challenging to keep track of valuable information scattered all over the lab, but there is also the matter of security. Going digital can solve this problem by providing seamless collaboration amongst colleagues and secure record-keeping. It is no longer a matter of asking whether you should make the switch but is now when and how you should go about it.

Download our white paper, “All Digital 1–It’s Time to Transition”, and learn:

  • How to go digital in your lab (adopting an ELN)
  • The different ways to achieve data security
  • How to integrate data, samples, and protocols

Continue to the following white paper, “All Digital 2–Paths to Lab Nirvana”, to gain insight into the available options and our recommendations based on your laboratory or organization.


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