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[Jan 2022]

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The fast-tracking of mRNA-based vaccines in the face of a real-life global pandemic has been a revelation and one which has opened up possibilities for harnessing mRNA products against a wide range of viruses. The race is now on to develop the next generation of mRNA therapeutics using machine learning and AI techniques for target identification, and the integration of full digitization tools into user-friendly platforms could present significant advantages.

Stepping into this arena is US-based biotechnology company Translate Bio, headquartered in Lexington, Massachusetts, specializing in mRNA products and co-developing vaccines with collaborator Sanofi Pasteur. Its data science manager, Emma McIntosh, has begun organizing the company’s data flows and implementing electronic lab notebooks that bring a whole host of efficiency benefits and help with regulatory compliance.

Read this editorial article with SelectScience to learn how Translate Bio (now acquired by Sanofi) uses eLabJournal to speed the development of mRNA-based vaccines.


What stuck out about the eLabJournal software is that it was so easy for people to lift their process from saving their information to a shared drive to saving it all into an electronic lab notebook.

Emma McIntosh


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