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Shangaris Group at King’s College London Optimises Sample Management, Productivity, and Data Integrity with eLabJournal

2 min read 31 Oct 2023

[eLabJournal has] made things much easier with collecting and tracking samples in liquid nitrogen, and easier to have a safe location to keep the data from the experiments. [It’s] easily accessible for users at any time or from any place. 10/10 rating.

Dr Panicos Shangaris, Clinical Senior Lecturer and Consultant in Maternal and Fetal Medicine

About Shangaris Group at King’s College London

Established in 1829, King’s College London (KCL) is a prestigious university with over 33,000 students from 190 countries worldwide. The institution is renowned for providing exceptional education and conducting cutting-edge research. Within the Faculty of Life Sciences and Medicine, Dr Panicos Shangaris, a Clinical Senior Lecturer and Consultant in Maternal and Fetal Medicine, is the head of the Shangaris Group under the Peter Gorer Department of Immunobiology and the Department of Women and Children’s Health, which is dedicated to advancing prenatal therapy and pregnancy immunology.

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To continue researching prenatal therapy and pregnancy immunology and expand the research group.


Optimise sample management process

The Shangaris Group encountered obstacles in managing a growing volume of research samples, as they needed a comprehensive digital lab management system. This led to difficulty tracking the samples, creating additional work for the team. An Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) that offered ease of use and security was a top priority. Additionally, the team sought to integrate barcode scanners to streamline the scanning process while complying with GDPR.


A user-friendly platform and integrated barcode scanners make sample storage easy

When the Rutepo project commenced, the group identified eLabJournal, an Electronic Lab Notebook with a user-friendly interface and unparalleled security measures, as the ideal platform for tracking their project’s samples. By implementing this new tool, the team has streamlined their sample management process and can confidently ensure GDPR compliance through a complete audit trail. The integration of eLabJournal into their lab workflow was seamless and took only an hour, thanks to its smooth integration.

Before implementing eLabJournal, other methods were not explored, and this decision seemed to have paid off, given the notable advancements in productivity and data integrity observed.

Dr Panicos Shangaris


Accelerated productivity and data integrity

Shangaris Group uses eLabJournal to effortlessly track the import and lifecycle of 2,957 cryovials and 2700 samples, including blood and PBMC. The time taken to scan and record details of each sample has been substantially reduced, resulting in invaluable time savings per sample and ensuring accuracy and reliability in the documentation process. Thanks to eLabJournal, the team of three members can work together seamlessly, as they can easily access and review samples and the work of their colleagues.

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