1 min read 24 Jun 2021

Our R&D pipeline generates a large number of samples and sample types that require tracking through multiple changes of ownership and product development phases. eLabNext software allows us to document our experiments using the Electronic Lab Notebook module, and associate samples using the Sample Management Module. These tracking capabilities allow us to maintain high QA/QC standards and secure stewardship of customer-associated samples.

Due to the ease of access to eLabNext’s internet-based software, all team members can access and track relevant information from separate computers, thus avoiding the limit of a single point of access. Lab members can devote more time and effort to performing their experiments.

Alice Hui, Molecular biologist

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Company: Plastomics

Background: Plastomics trait delivery platform provides solutions for many current biotech seed industry challenges: multi-trait products with complex trait integration and breeding programs, increasing pest resistance development requiring higher trait dose and new modes of action, and the inability to expand the reach of biotech traits to crops with outcrossing concerns.  Providing solutions to these challenges will give seed companies a valuable tool to help growers meet the nutritional needs of a growing population.

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