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NEOsphere streamlines experimentation process with eLabJournal

2 min read 08 May 2023

Our company was looking for an all-in-one software to document experiments, track and manage our samples as well as organise our storage units in an easy and highly customisable way. All of that together with a fantastic customer service convinced us to go with eLabJournal. It has helped us to make the processes in our lab more time efficient so the main focus can be set on our research and technology development.

Anastasia Helena Bednarz, Associate Research Scientist at NEOsphere Biotechnologies, Germany

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NEOsphere Biotechnologies

NEOsphere Biotechnologies is a pioneering proteomics company based in Munich’s biotech hub in Germany. Founded in 2022 by a team of renowned world-leading scientists in mass spectrometry-based proteomics, the company employs nine people as of March 2023. It specialises in targeted protein degradation (TPD). It provides partners with a unique proteomics-based platform to significantly advance their TPD drug discovery programs at all stages while building a broad pipeline of novel, high-value drug targets.


NEOsphere strives to become the preferred proteomics partner of pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies active in the TPD space to expand their programs and create new entry points for drug discovery. 

To streamline their documentation process and track samples more efficiently, the NEOsphere team searched for a customisable solution that fit their unique needs. They needed an online solution to scale up their documentation and enable them to better manage their increased samples throughout the entire experimentation process. 


Enabling proper documentation and tracking of samples 

The team of scientists at NEOsphere needed a scalable documentation process to track their increasing sample numbers reliably. The team was thus looking for an all-in-one Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) platform that would not only optimise documentation but provide essential features such as:

  • Signing and locking experiments.
  • Recording time stamps during execution.
  • Allowing the team to work in parallel.

With a growing team, they were eager to find an efficient method to track samples across different projects and users easily. Lastly, they wanted to reduce the time spent on tasks such as manually documenting and labelling sample tubes to maintain their focus on their research and technology development. 


A reliable all-in-one solution

The eLabNext digital lab platform offers a highly customisable all-in-one solution that combines an ELN with sample and inventory management capabilities necessary for the NEOsphere team. Due to the ease of use, the option to generate and scan barcodes with the Mobile App, and the possibility to customise almost all aspects of the platform according to the needs of their lab, eLabJournal stood out in comparison to other providers. 

For the NEOsphere team, it took approximately 2 to 3 weeks to fully incorporate eLabJournal for everyday use and all their routine tasks. After three months, the lab has still not exhausted all the possibilities and functions of the software, which, however, will undoubtedly be very helpful for the company’s further growth. 


eLabNext meets expectations to the fullest

With eLabNext, the NEOsphere team manages everything in one place. With the availability of protocol templates and experiment pre-sets their entire laboratory team can access all data and benefits from a uniform documentation process. By creating such templates, they standardise workflows all lab colleagues use, enabling a better overview of all ongoing projects. Barcoding features allow their team to maintain a more efficient sample tracking process and a complete overview of their inventory. 

The eLabNext digital platform has helped the NEOsphere team save time, be more organised, and maintain a better overview of all projects and samples. 

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